Venezuela Hit by Nationwide Blackout During Commuting Rush Hour

According to official reports the blackout that is still right now affecting an important part of Venezuela began at 4:54 pm due a sabotage to 3 turbines out of the five operational in the Guri hydroelectric dam in the South of Venezuela.

The event affected 18 states (out of 23), more than 70% of the Venezuelan territory.

At 6:00 pm the Minister of Electric Energy, Luis Motta Dominguez informed the public that service was going to be restored in approximately three hours, that is around 9:00 pm Caracas time. At this moment (10:17 pm) the service is still down all over Caracas in an incident that surpasses any other incident similar to this one in recent history. It was also reported that in the east of Venezuela the service was restored in record time but that is not the case of the center and west of the country. Minister of Information and Communication, Jorge Rodríguez, ratified that the problem was caused by sabotage in the Guri dam and informed that all law enforcement agentss nationwide are deployed to guarantee the safety of the population.



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