Venezuelan Minister for Defense: ‘Craig Faller’s Visit to Area Bordering Colombia an Act of Destabilization’ (+Guyana)

Venezuela’s Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) stated that the visit of the head of the Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), Craig Faller, to Puerto Carreño (Colombian department of Vichada), on the border with Venezuela, is “ironic and implausible.” This was part of a statement issued this Monday, June 21 and signed by the Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino López. For Padrino, as he wrote on his Twitter account, Faller’s visit constitutes an “interventionist act in the midst of the systematic destabilization against Venezuela.”

“Without a doubt, this visit is not due to reasons of bilateral cooperation in matters of security and defense with Colombia,” wrote Padrino. “Rather, it constitutes one more act of interference and provocation by North American imperialism.”

The military high command of the Bolivarian nation assured that Craig Faller decided to visit one of the areas in which irregular groups have operated for decades with the acquiescence of the Colombian government, which deliberately leaves Colombian territory at the mercy of paramilitary gangs without the presence of military forces.

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The top Venezuelan military commander also made reference to the Tradewinds 2021 military drills that the US army is simultaneously launching in Guyanese territory, a blatantly galling attempt to provoke the Venezuelan authorities.

Finally, the statement reiterated Venezuela’s concern about “the reappearance in South America of this US military official. He has systematically meddled in the internal affairs of our nation through actions that seek destabilization.” Consequently, Padrino added, “we will remain vigilant to guarantee territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of the homeland.”


Featured image: Colombia’s Iván Duque greeting the US general. File photo.

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