The debate in UN about Venezuela an Analysis (17-16 Voting – Venezuela Win)

Today under US pressure through it’s satellite countries of the Lima Group an special meeting of the Security Council of United Nations was agreed.

Disregarding the negative vote of four countries (China, Equatorial Guinea, Russian Federation and South Africa) the motion for the special meeting was approved by the vote of nine countries (Belgium, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Kuwait, Peru, Poland, UK and USA). There were also two abstentions: Côte d’Ivoire and Indonesia.

The Venezuelan government since the beginning welcomed the debate because it will allow it to present their solid arguments about the aberration for international relations resulting from the US move to try to impose a puppet government in that country.

But in strategic terms this meeting was not a good option for Venezuelan interest because even though the result might not be favorable for the US it will serve in the long term strategy of using unilateral force arguing that they tried to use multilateral options.

UN brief on the meeting voting can be found here. The summary for the meeting itself have not been made public yet.

Considering that the best way to present information is showing all the arguments we want to share with you the whole video of the meeting as posted in YouTube by the Russian news outlet RT.

At the end of the meeting the Russian ambassador made a recount of the countries in the meeting that were in favor of Venezuela and those who were against and the result was 17 in favor and 16 against. This recount made by the Russians close the meeting with the sense of victory for the forces defending the rule of law in Venezuela and the respect of international law.

“But this can not be consider a defeat of the aggression but just a small victory in a complex path”, said an international expert consulted by OT. Immediately after leaving the meeting the “Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo show the new path: financially blocking Venezuela and seizing of Venezuelan assets abroad, we have to be prepared for that”, he said.

It’s important to highlight the timing for the speeches we consider more relevant:

US: not in this video

South Africa: 39:34″

China: 1:29:41″

Dominican Republic: 1:44:50″

Russian Federation: 1:51:47″

Venezuela: 1:55:57

US (Elliot Abrams): 2:27:40″

Russian Federation reply: 2:29:50″

Venezuela: 2:32:18″

Cuba: 2:47:42″

Bolivia: 3:05:14″

Surinam: 3:16:02″

Mexico: 3:24:41″

Barbados (Caricom): 3:30:48″

Uruguay: 3:49:29″

Dominica: 3:57:39″

Antigua and Barbuda: 4:07:38″

Cuba (reply to Pompeo): 4:14:52″

Venezuela (reply): 4:20:19″

Russian Federation: 4:31:59″


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