Who is Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and why did Baywatch Pamela Anderson Confront her About Venezuela?

The US actress Pamela Anderson, famous for her leading role in the television series Baywatch in the nineties, harshly criticized the views of Democratic Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) about Venezuela. Via Twitter, Anderson questioned the young US parliamentarian who, despite her socialist inclination, called Venezuela “a failure of democracy.” Anderson answered: “She is wrong to say that Venezuela is a failure of democracy instead of saying that the United States is organizing a bloody coup. Does she support a military intervention? ”

It is important to note that AOC is the youngest congresswoman in the history of the United States, who was elected as a deputy to the House of Representatives of the Congress of that country, by the 14th district of New York. She is 28 years old, is a native of the Bronx, New York and a Puerto Rican mother. She is a member of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the largest socialist organization in the US, which supports candidates such as Senator Bernie Sanders.

However, despite her leftist background, AOC acted very uninformed in previous days when  commenting on Venezuela .

“I feel we have to ’empower’ and center the people of Venezuela,” said the congresswoman. “Many people want to make this an ideological issue, if it has to do with socialism or has to do with capitalism. What many do not understand is that this is a problem of authoritarianism against democracy in many ways, “said the parliamentarian in a live stream  on Instagram. And then she remarked: “First of all, this is a failure of democracy.”

In this regard, Anderson replied: “She is wrong to say that Venezuela is a failure of democracy instead of saying that the United States is organizing a bloody coup. Does she support a military intervention? ”

Anderson also said on her Twitter that AOC “openly supports US intervention in Venezuela and supports the armed forces and the large US corporations against which she claims she is fighting … Hmmmmmmm.” The actress refers to the Ocasio-Cortez campaign rejection of donations from political action committees (PACs) that finance Democratic candidates with large sums of money from corporations. The now congresswoman did it to emphasize that she has no commitments to corporations or political lobby groups.



The political debate in the United States has not been easy, because Republican and right-wing politicians, often allied with the media in that country, accuse Venezuela of being a dictatorship and a “proof” that the socialist system is supposedly a failure, and in this way they attack the socialist wing of the Democratic Party, indicating that, if the voters support them, the United States, they allege, will follow the same fate as Venezuela.

Hence, some politicians of the socialist wing try to distance themselves from Venezuela, or try to criticize it while rejecting the imperialist interference of their own country.

Bernie Sanders, the most visible of the politicians of the socialist wing of the Democratic Party, said days ago that “the Maduro government must … allow the entry of humanitarian aid into the country, and refrain from violence against the protesters.” He has also pointed out that supposedly “there are doubts” about the presidential elections last year. However, he has also maintained a position against the United States militarily intervening the country, and has refused to accept the demands of the right to recognize Juan Guaidó as the alleged Venezuelan “interim president”.

Humanitarian aid and intervention
Venezuela is experiencing a political crisis following the self-proclamation of the opposition deputy Juan Guaidó as the supposed ‘interim president’ of the country, something that has been supported by the US government and a group of Latin American and European governments.

The crisis has been increased by a series of “sanctions” imposed by the United States, which have frozen assets and funds from Venezuela in the order of billions of dollars, located in US and European banks.

At the same time, the United States, supported by neighboring Colombia, is trying to force some 70 tons of “humanitarian aid” into Venezuela, an action in which the International Red Cross and the UN have decided not to participate in  because they are not authorized by the Venezuelan government.

Last weekend, four trucks with supposed humanitarian aid attempted to enter by force through a border bridge between the Colombian city of Cúcuta and the Venezuelan Ureña, supported by some 400 hooded young criminals, members of shock groups, who tried (to force)  the Venezuelan National Guard to withdraw from the border using molotovs, stones and bottles. In the fray, two of the trucks burned down, later abundant material to be use in violent protests was found inside them.

The Venezuelan government has denounced that the supposed “humanitarian aid”, which is provided by agencies of the United States government, is a maneuver to carry out a military intervention in the country , and that it is a coup d’état promoted and supported by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and several governments of the region.

For her part, Pamela Anderson has been an activist supporting organizations such as PETA (People in Favor of the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in the defense of the rights of living beings and in the promotion of veganism. She has spoken out against whaling and has supported other environmental causes.

In December 2016, Anderson called WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange a “hero” and asked for his release. “One day everyone will realize that [he is a hero]. But until now, this man has lost 7 Christmases with his children and is in difficult and tremendously stressful conditions, while doing a great service to all of us. Everyone in the world has benefited thanks to WikiLeaks. He has sacrificed a lot just to make the truth known. ”

Another US Senator, Jesus Chuy Garcia, Dem. from Illinois, also in the Socialist wing of the Democratic Party, has keep a resounding silence in relation to the situation in Venezuela, not participating in any event publicly opposing a US military intervention in Venezuela.


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Translated by JRE/EF