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Dear readers, Orinoco Tribune needs your help to keep operating and providing alternative information about Venezuela for English speakers.

We started a campaign a couple of months ago and we managed to collect almost USD 200 and we appreciate and are humbled by the support from these donors.

We estimate that to keep doing our work at least USD 400 are required per month. In order to improve our work we would be talking about USD 800 income per month.


Single donations are important but monthly subscriptions/donations are the best way for us to organize expenses because of the regularity and it’s implications in terms of planning. A good USD 10-15 monthly donation multiplied by 35 patrons would mean a lot to us. That’s our goal. Of course single donations are always welcome.

The situation in Venezuela tends to get more complex by the hour and the operation costs also increase due to hyperinflation. We love what we are doing and we will keep doing it with or without donations but with the right funding we would be more efficient and we will work harder to improve the areas that need improvement, avoiding using part of our time to find the income that allows us to bring food to our table.

We have received donations via PayPal without problem because our account is associated to a US bank account, we also have received  donations via crypto currencies (bitcoin). But if you are not inclined to use those services we could provide you with additional options if you let us know by sending an email to support@orinocotribine.com or using our social network channels.

Thank you in advance for your support.



20% funded

20% funded
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Orinoco Tribune is a project that was launched at the end of November, 2018, and the idea for our site is to expand the different points of views and to add new sources of information about Venezuela —with a progressive perspective— in English, due to the very limited options out there, at the moment. At the same time we want the information we post to have Venezuelan “sazón” (seasoning) on it and we want also to publish what usually isn’t being talked about, about our country, outside of our borders, since there is a lack of translation to the English language.

In Venezuela we have debates, we have constructive criticism, we have celebrations, we have victories, we make mistakes and we are not different from anyone else in the globe, we are just human beings. We are proud, stubborn but also humble, hard working and grounded people.

We initially thought that we were going to publish 3-5 post daily, but the reality of everything that is going on in/with our country has pushed us to do between 9-13 posts daily. We do it because of the love we have for our country and our desire to keep people informed with the truth of what’s happening here. Our goal is to defend our country and push the truth about what’s happening in and out of our borders.

With that being said, we want to ask for your help. Things are changing and happening in Venezuela very fast, and with how complicated the situation is in our country to keep you, our readers, informed we need some help. That is why we are kindly asking for donations to keep us afloat. The donations button can be found in our homepage and it can also be found on all of our posts (at the end of them if you are on a phone or in the right side bar if you are on desktop).

You can donate via PayPal and that goes from PayPal to an US bank account or you can do it using cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Zcash) if you are familiar with that technology.

The best donation option for us is the MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION. That allow us to plan our expenses in a better way so we encourage you to use this option if you can.

We are currently running on mobil data (meaning we have no internet) to do our work because the internet service providers in Venezuela have gone crazy in recent days. The other two ISP’s that we paid are down right now. We expect this situation to get worst and that’s why we are thinking about subscribing for a satellite service provider or other alternatives, but those providers are pricey. We need to keep our editing, translation, proofreading and social media work 24/7 and for that we need additional income, as well as for buying tech equipment that eventually is going to be needed (cameras, cellphones, mics, routers, etc).

We don’t like the idea of setting a goal and we understand that sometimes donors want recognition. For that we plan to recognize with a special mention to those who have donated and that are willing to allow us to display their names.

We thank you in advance for your donations, for helping us spread the word about this donation campaign and about our website in order to make this project self sustainable.

With love and camaraderie

Jesus Rodriguez Espinoza/AR


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