213 New Covid-19 Cases Reported in Venezuela on Saturday

Venezuelan Minister for Communication, Jorge Rodríguez, reported this Saturday that in the last 24 hours in Venezuela, 136 new community transmission covid-19 cases were detected and 77 new imported cases for a total of 213 new cases, with these figures Venezuela has reached 6,750 cases since last March when the first two cases were detected.

Regarding the cases of community transmission, Rodríguez explained that 41 are in the Yaracuy state, 30 in Mérida, 26 in Sucre, 18 in the Capital District, 9 in the Zulia state, 5 in Monagas, 3 in Miranda, 1 in the Aragua state, 2 in Bolívar and 1 case in Lara state.

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He stressed that most of the community transmission cases come from Mérida and Yaracuy, specifically in Bruzual municipality from a chicken company reporting 38 cases, while in Mérida there are 30 positives ones and some related to “Las Pulgas’ Market in Zulia state. “There are cases of Covid-19 in almost all the 22 parishes of the Libertador municipality, Caracas (…) We have established a special plan for the mass screening of Covid-19 in Cumaná,” he explained.

Out of the 77 new imported cases registered this Saturday, 40 are coming from Colombia, 6 from Brazil, 15 from Peru, 10 from Ecuador and 6 from contact with travelers.

Rodríguez reported this Saturday three new dead Venezuelan victims. They are a 66-year-old male residing in the Capital District, Sucre de Catia parish, the second deceased is a 52-year-old male, native of the Caroní municipality of Bolívar state and the third deceased in the last 24 hours is a 68-year-old male, resident of Falcón state, who maintained contact with a positive patient for coronavirus from the “Las Pulgas” market in Maracaibo, Zulia state. With these new deaths, Venezuela increases its total number of fatalities to 62.

Out of the 6,750 cases registered in the country, 2,100 are recovered (31%), so 4,588 are active in the country, of which: 3,897 are in Sentinel Hospitals, 637 are in Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI) and 54 patients are confined in private clinics.

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Rodríguez highlighted that in Venezuela 81% of patients are between one year of age and 49 years of age. “The vast majority of patients are young (…) Long ago, the premise that the virus affected the elderly was abandoned, it is not true, in the case of Venezuela it is even less true,” he said.

Regarding the distribution by sex of the 6,750 cases registered in the country since March to date, 3,837 males (56.8%), 2,913 females (43.2).

He highlighted that to date 4,084 patients are asymptomatic, 485 have mild Upper Respiratory Failure (URF), 6 have moderate URF, 13 have severe URF all admitted to Intensive Care Units (ICU),

He reported that in Venezuela 1,412,214 diagnostic tests have been performed to rule out Covid-19, which represents 47,073 tests per million inhabitants.

Jorge Rodríguez drew attention to pre-existing risk factors, especially hypertension and diabetes, as an element of alarm at the high risk of becoming infected by Covid-19, while sending a message of solidarity to the families of those that have lost loved ones to the disease.

Finally, Rodríguez called on the population to responsibly abide by the radical and voluntary social quarantine in order to avoid the spread of Covid-19 in the country “We are calling for respect of the social distancing measures and the use of the face mask. Prevention is the best way to avoid infections,” he stressed.

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