Alex Saab’s Wife, Camila Fabri, Responds to Colombia’s Semana Magazine

The wife of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, Camila Fabri, responded to the Colombian extreme-right magazine Semana, after it accused her of being abducted by the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

In a response to the allegations, issued through her Twitter account, Fabri confirmed that she was at home, in Venezuela, with warmth and love for her husband that brings him closer to her.

Similarly, Saab’s wife stated that she was not surprised by the claims of this so-called news outlet, because its owners act like “puppeteers” and make the staff write articles that are sheer “madness.”

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She added that the calumnies written in the article only happen “in the minds of twisted people used to behaving like thugs.”

In the anonymous “news piece” published this Monday, Semana assured that the Venezuelan president “has in his power Alex Saab’s wife and his two daughters,” supposedly to “control” the diplomat.

Despite Semana magazine’s claims that the lives of both Saab’s wife and her daughters are in the “hands” of the Venezuelan government, this Sunday Camila Fabri made a public appearance in Caracas to denounce the violation of her husband’s human rights by the empire ruled from DC.

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From Plaza Bolívar, Fabri repudiated, with tears in her eyes, the actions of Cape Verde and the US. She recounted how her husband was prevented by the government of Cape Verde from accessing food and medical care, and qualified these actions as human rights violations.

Saab was first kidnapped in June 2020, a violation of the diplomatic immunity he held as Special Envoy of the government of Venezuela to the Russian and Iranian governments—as attested by official Venezuelan, Russian and Iranian documents—and without a proper Interpol Red Notice. In addition, last weekend he was kidnapped again, as the US extracted him from Cape Verde without providing due notice to relatives and lawyers, without an extradition treaty with the African island nation, and while some legal processes were still being deliberated by Cape Verdean authorities.

“I want to denounce the occurrence of a second kidnapping of my husband Alex Saab with the complicity of the government of Cape Verde. This cowardly act took place behind the back of the lawyer, and us,” said Fabri.

Saab’s wife added that she was never allowed to have contact with her husband, as only Saab’s sister was permitted to visit him. The treatment is in stark contrast to Venezuelan prisoners such as Leopoldo López, for example, who managed to become a father again while behind bars, and received regular family and marital visits.

The government of Cape Verde went so far as to notify Fabri that both she and her two daughters were considered “personas non gratas,” and were therefore not allowed to see their husband and father.


Featured image: Camila Fabri, Alex Saab’s wife during a public event in Caracas on Sunday, October 17, repudiating Saab’s kidnapping. Photo courtesy of RedRadioVE.

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