Alex Saab’s Wife Denounces Kidnapping and Violation of Diplomat’s Human Rights

On Sunday, October 17, Alex Saab’s wife, Camila Fabri, denounced the Cape Verdean authorities for having violated the fundamental rights of the diplomat during the 16 months that he was detained in the African country.

At the end of a demonstration in Plaza Bolívar, Caracas, in repudiation of the illegal extradition of Saab to the United States, Fabri decried that the government of Cape Verde had prevented Saab from accessing food, medical care, calling these actions a violation of Saab’s human rights.

She also denounced the second kidnapping of Alex Saab with the complicity of Cape Verde, alleging that the extradition was carried out in secret from his lawyers and his family.

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“I want to denounce the consummation of a second kidnapping of my husband Alex Saab with the complicity of the government of Cape Verde,” she repudiated. “This was done cowardly behind the back of the lawyers, and us.”

Fabri informed that she was never allowed to meet her husband or have any contact with him; only Saab’s sister was allowed to visit him sometimes.

She added that during a visit she made with her daughters to Cuba, the Embassy of Cape Verde notified her that they are persona non gratae, and therefore they were not allowed to visit the diplomat.

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“Yesterday they [the lawyers] went to visit him and the 100 guards that surrounded the place where he was in detention were not there; a guard told them that ‘they just accelerated the extradition,'” said Fabri.

The diplomat’s wife asserted that Alex Saab will never bow to the United States, and that is what bothers the US government the most.

She added, in tears, that with the kidnapping of her husband, her family also feels having been abducted, but they will continue in courage and in the fight for all people with dignity.

“We are and have always been a very close family,” Fabri concluded, “and since he is kidnapped, we are also kidnapped as a family, but we will continue to be brave, in the fight for the worthy peoples of the world, for Venezuela and the legitimate government of Nicolás Maduro, and the truth will prevail.”


Featured image: Camila Fabri, ambassador Alex Saab’s wife, holding a banner during a demonstration in Caracas this Sunday, October 17, denouncing his kidnapping by the US with the complicityt of Cape Verde. Photo: RedRadioVE

(RedRadioVE) by Ana Perdigón, with Orinoco Tribune content

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