Ambassador Adán Chávez Praises the Work of China’s Communist Party

The Communist Party of China (CCP) has been fundamental in the social and economic development achieved by the Asian country in recent decades, said Adán Chávez, vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), reported Xinhua.

“There are one hundred years of fruitful work, of great achievements, of enormous advances for the happiness of the Chinese people,” Chávez, who is also Venezuela’s ambassador to Cuba, told Xinhua, referring to the centenary of the founding of the CCP to be celebrated in July.

Chávez, who visited China four times between 2017 and 2019, asserted that the strong leadership of the CCP and its top cadre have played a “fundamental” role in the eradication of extreme poverty in the Asian country and in its scientific and technical development. “We have witnessed the enormous support that the Chinese people have given to their government and the CCP as they worked together to uphold the principles of socialism with Chinese characteristics,” he said.

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Referring to the third volume of the book Xi Jinping: The government and administration of China by the Chinese president, Chávez noted that it explains the steps that have been taken to achieve the successful construction of socialism, and also details the new vision of the Chinese leadership.

He viewed China as an inspiration to countries struggling for freedom and sovereignty, adding in this regard that the enormous progress made by the Chinese people is clear proof that socialism is an effective solution for “the great evils of humanity.”

The CCP is a pillar of China’s scientific and technological development, and the achievements made by its people are not only a model for the rest of the world, but also a symbol of hope, Chávez said.

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With regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, he affirmed that China, with the guidance of the CCP, has offered the best example worldwide of a government’s resolution of the crisis, by placing the human being “at the core of the development of work plans.”

“The Communist Party of China has clearly shown its determination to uphold the fundamental principles of international relations among the peoples of the world,” Chávez commented. Furthermore, he added, the CCP has always observed the principles of self-determination, non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, solidarity, and respect for international rules.

The role that the CCP can continue to play is crucial for the coming years as a reference for other political parties and progressive movements around the world, he said, while highlighting the “full brotherhood” relations between the CCP and Venezuela’s PSUV.

“The United Socialist Party of Venezuela intends to continue strengthening the ties of cooperation and joint work with the CCP,” said Chávez.


Featured image: Adán Chávez, elderly brother and political mentor to former Venezuela President, Hugo Chávez, is currently ambassador of Venezuela in Cuba. File photo.

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