“An Unconventional War Demands Unconventional Responses”: Chancellor Arreaza (Anti-Blockade Law)

This Thursday, October 8, Venezuelan Chancellor Jorge Arreaza wrote through his Twitter account that the aggression by external factors against the country merits “unconventional responses.”

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“Some respectable comrades seem not to grasp the gravity and ferocity of the multiform aggression we suffer. We are the laboratory of imperialism’s new weapons of mass destruction. An unconventional war demands unconventional, bold and original responses, ” said the foreign affairs minister on the digital platform.

Arreaza made this comment prior to the debate that took place this Thursday for the approval of the Anti-Blockade Law, proposed by President Nicolás Maduro to counter the criminal blockade imposed by the United States, about which some left wing and opposition analysts and politicians have raised criticisms.



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(La IguanaTV)

Translation: OT/JRE/SL

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