Another 69 Tons of Medicines Arrive in Venezuela From China

With the fourth batch of this Monday there are 269 tons of medicines sent to Venezuela from China.

Another 69 tons of medicines and surgical material arrived in Venezuela this Monday as part of the cooperation with China , which is the fourth installment of Humanitarian Technical Assistance.

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In the framework of the agreements of the governments of Venezuela and China, different shipments have been sent to Venezuela since the end of March.

The first batch was on March 29 with 65 tons of medicines. On May 13, 71 tons arrived and on May 16, another 64 tons arrived. In total there have been 269 tons of medicines.

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The assistance of China is part of the agreements that the Venezuelan government has signed with different countries and international organizations to guarantee medicines to the country amid the aggressive international blockade promoted by the Trump regime.


The agreements have been made in the context of the economic blockade that the United States has imposed on Venezuela and which, in addition to leaving losses of billions of dollars, hinders the importation of medicines and thousands of deaths.

The Venezuelan government has expressed willingness to receive assistance through legal channels, in reference to the rejection of the supposed “humanitarian aid” that sought to introduce the opposition with the US government by violent means from the border with Colombia and Brazil last February.

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Another 69 Tons of Medicines Arrive in Venezuela From China

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