Arreaza vs. Bukele? Lawfare in El Salvador Against Sánchez Cerén

After the government of Venezuela issued a statement denouncing political persecution against former Salvadoran president Salvador Sánchez Cerén and former officials of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), there was an exchanges of words between the Foreign Minister of the Republic, Jorge Arreaza and the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, on Twitter.

“We are facing a new case of lawfare, a strategy used in recent years by conservative groups in power to try to demobilize the organization and resistance of the peoples against neoliberalism and other forms of domination,” said the statement released by Caracas.

The message, originally published this Sunday morning, July 25, was not to the liking of the Salvadoran president. In response to the statement by the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, through his Twitter account Bukele referred to the price of avocado in Venezuela, comments that left one wondering about the political acumen of the current president of the Central American country. Recently, it was revealed that Bukele’s government is advised by Venezuelan coup leaders and participants in the undemocratic process led by opposition politicians of the Venezuelan extreme right.

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Shortly afterwards, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, answered Bukele, saying that “pride, ego and arrogance lead him on the route of the Titanic.”

“Are you saying it from experience?” Bukele responded to the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister. Shortly afterwards, Arreaza retorted that “we do not betray our ancestors, or our people. Nor do we live in a cyber-bubble.” With the media spotlight shining on him, the young Salvadoran president has become something of an entertainment personality.

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Cabinet of Venezuelans in the Shadow
Last June, an investigation carried out by local newspaper El Faro detailed the relationship and hidden influence that exists between leaders of the Venezuelan right and the government of president of El Salvador.

The investigation detailed a hidden structure led by at least 10 Venezuelan advisers. Their contracts, fees, and responsibilities are hidden from the public, yet they are above the payroll of various Salvadoran ministers.

Throughout the investigation, the names of extreme-right leaders and members of the political party Voluntad Popular (Popular Will) came to light including Lester Toledo, Carlos Vecchio, and Sarah Abdel Karim Hanna Georges, an assistant to the fugitive from justice Leopoldo López and his wife, Lilian Tintori.


Featured image: Venezuelan Minister for Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza and Salvadoran president Nayib Bukele. Photo courtesy of RedRadioVE.

(RedRadioVE) by Daniela Jimenez

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