Former Deputy Guaidó Puts $1.2 Billion at Risk in New York Court

The criminal scheme of Juan Guaidó failed once again in a new action against the assets of Venezuela and their theft abroad. Guaidó and his group put more than a billion dollars at risk when they failed to defend resources, so a New York court ruled against Venezuela in favor of bond creditors with which Venezuela has debts because of the restrictions imposed by illegal US sanctions. The blockade and the unilateral coercive measures have also illegally stopped or impeded commercial oil activity, causing a fall in foreign exchange income, and then there are the threats of embargoes and looting.

The anti-Chavista Venezuelan economist Francisco Rodríguez explained through his social media that the Southern District Court of New York ruled against Venezuela and in favor of creditors of the Pharo Group for $1.2 billion. This ruling was issued because the so-called interim government did not send legal representation before the court. Therefore, a default judgment was issued, and this obviously affected the interests of the Republic of Venezuela.

Additionally, Rodríguez, who is based in New York, said that the fake attorney general of Guaidó contacted the court in April of this year. On that occasion, the fake attorney had stated that he estimated 60 days were needed to receive authorization from the fake National Assembly. The fake National Assembly is the former National Assembly, controlled by the opposition, whose term ended last December. This fake body was supposedly going to hire a defense team.

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Plot uncovered
According to Rodríguez, the fake attorney, Enrique Sánchez Falcón, revealed that $36 million have been paid to law firms for supposed legal fees related to the alleged defense of Venezuelan assets abroad.

Rodríguez explained the division and accusations within the fictitious “interim government” on the issue of assets abroad. This is in line with what leaders of the right-wing ranks have also revealed. They are blaming each other for the consequences of their own actions, or inactions.

Rodríguez also highlighted the costs that these legal procedures represent for Venezuela in terms of the defense and the risk involved in the loss of assets abroad. The situation has generated serious consequences in the economy and Venezuelan daily life. Therefore, Rodríguez recommends addressing the situation of legal representation for the defense of assets in the roundtables held by the government and the opposition in the Mexico Talks.

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Division uncovers the plot
The blame game continues among the same opposition politicians who were all participants in the theft of Venezuelan assets and the subsequent giving up and auctioning off of assets in exchange for their own interests. The consequences are colossal.

In fact, the NGO Transparencia Venezuela itself, not at all linked to Chavismo, denounced Guaidó’s unforgivable offense. The organization clearly recognizes that there is neglect regarding the lawsuits that have been attempted against the Republic of Venezuela by those who promoted the theft of national assets.

In fact, it affirms that these processes have compromised the defense of $24 billion, the value of Venezuelan assets abroad.


Featured image: New York State Supreme Court building. File photo.

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