China to Deepen Friendship and Cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean

HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 8 (ACN) China affirmed that it will work with Latin America and the Caribbean to strengthen friendship and expand mutually beneficial cooperation, after highlighting the stable development of bilateral ties 60 years after they were established.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi told Prensa Latina that the Covid-19 pandemic constituted a new front for support and collaboration between the parties, through practical actions.

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As he recalled, President Xi Jinping maintained contact with the leaders of the region to coordinate the fight against the pathology, promote common development and economic recovery. China -he added- donated more than 34 million dollars’ worth of health materials and equipment to 30 countries in that area, supplied anti-COVID-19 vaccines to 12 and its scientists shared experiences on the fight against the disease.

Wang mentioned that in 2020, economic-trade exchanges exceeded 300 billion dollars for the third consecutive year and exports from that area to this market continued to rise.

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We can say that the pandemic (of Covid-19) did not obstruct cooperation between China, Latin America and the Caribbean, but rather brought the hearts and interests of our peoples closer together, Wang summarized, ratifying Beijing’s willingness to strengthen mutual relations.

On September 28, 2020, the Asian giant and Cuba celebrated 60 years of diplomatic ties that have become a benchmark, precisely because they were strengthened in a friendship that helped overcome challenges and expand cooperation to important levels.

The event also marked the establishment of formal ties between China and Latin America and the Caribbean.



Featured image: File Photo.

(Cuban News Agency)

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