Chinese Expert in Caracas: “Venezuelan Containment Very Positive on Screening, Quarantine and Treatment” – Join House by House Visits

Huang Mao, an expert in critical and respiratory medicine who serves as director of the hospital located in Jiangsu province, said on Wednesday that Venezuela has properly contained the coronavirus pandemic and that patients are receiving adequate treatment.

“We have observed that, so far, the containment in Venezuela to face the pandemic is very positive – including screening, quarantine and treatment – it has been done very well. Therefore, regarding the protocols, procedures and measures (…) the pandemic has been contained (…) and the patients have received appropriate treatment,” Mao assured during a speech at the meeting of the Presidential Commission for Prevention and Control of the Covid-19 with a team of doctors from the People’s Republic of China.

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During the 10-day exchange, the team of experts visited hospitals, Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI’s) and private clinics. It met with Venezuelan scientists and researchers, participated in house-to-house visits, and collaborated in the design of treatment schemes that the Venezuelan government is implementing to care for patients infected with the new coronavirus.

Chinese Delegation Joins House by House visits

On Wednesday morning, a group of Chinese, Venezuelan and Cuban doctors undertook house-to-house visits to care for people who reported symptoms similar to those of Covid-19 in the populous El Valle parish.

According to the Telesur journalist Madelein García report through her Twitter account, the Chinese doctors accompanied their colleagues from Venezuela and Cuba, in order to familiarize themselves with the methodology used in the country to detect cases of coronavirus.

As it is known, the Extended Personal Screening Plan designed by Venezuelan authorities, is based on three pillars: 1) self-assessment of the state of health through an online survey available on the Patria platform; 2) identification of possible sick people through the database generated from the responses offered on the Patria web site and with the collaboration of the community councils; 3) House-to-house medical visits, which include, if necessary, the application of a rapid test to detect the new coronavirus and care for patients with other health problems.

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In contrast, García reported that in China there are no house by house visits in the communities, but they regularly meassure the temperature of the residents of a sector and in case it is elevated, the affected person is instructed to go immediately to a health center to be evaluated, diagnosed and treated.

At the end of the visit, the doctors from the Asian giant reported that although the methodology applied in Venezuela represented “a lot of work for the doctors,” it was, without a doubt, “the best way to prevent” uncontrolled infections and outbreaks of the infection.

In addition to the community visit in El Valle, the delegation also went to the facilities of the Dr. Alcides Rodríguez CDI, in order to become familiar with the primary care received by patients admitted by Covid-19, as that CDI belongs to the Communal Network of priorized health centers in the capital region to treat to coronavirus cases.

Featured image: Chinise doctors in a Venezuelan Covid-19 house by house visit. Courtesy
Madelein Garcia @madeleintlSUR

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