Christmas Toy Distribution Campaign Has Reached All Corners of Venezuela

The national toy distribution campaign of the Venezuelan government—A Toy for Christmas—reached the states of Trujillo, La Guaira and Mérida on Thursday, December 23. The children in these areas awaited joyfully for presents that would brighten up their Christmas.

PSUV First Combatant for Trujillo, Reyna Pérez de Márquez, informed that a large number of people worked on the toy distribution campaign, which was taken to all 20 municipalities in the state.

“We are currently organizing the toy distribution for our boys and girls in Trujillo,” Pérez de Márquez informed. “Our staff have not rested; they have been working day and night so that children in all the municipalities of the state of Trujillo get these toys.”

During the toy handout, Pérez de Márquez was accompanied by Secretary General of the government of Trujillo, José Leonardo Chirinos. Pérez, who is also the president of the El Niño Simón Regional Foundation, stressed that these gift deliveries demonstrate “our fervent love for our children.”

Furthermore, with the support from the regional government and the Local Supply and Production Committee (CLAP), Mayor Manuel Peña of Pampán municipality also distributed toys to children of the Maracaibito sector on December 23.

“We are delivering these toys to our children thanks to President Nicolás Maduro and our Governor Gerardo Márquez’s administration,” declared Peña. “From here we would like to wish all the children and the people of Venezuela a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

The mayor of Trujillo municipality (Capital of Trujillo state), Carlos Terán, also thanked the national and regional governments for “their effort and hard work in delivering toys to every child in Trujillo.”

The mayor of Rafael Rangel municipality, Sonia Silva, who distributed toys in her municipal area, expressed that she was pleased to see the smiles in the children’s faces when they received their gifts.

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“More than 150,000 toys have been delivered in the state of Trujillo, which have brought joy to the little ones during these December holidays,” she added.

More than 150,000 toys have been delivered in the 20 municipalities of Trujillo state.

La Guaira: 90,000 children received toys
Around 90,000 children and teenagers of La Guaira state have received a Christmas gift as part of the toy distribution campaign carried out by the Venezuelan government.

“With support from communities and social leaders, we are delivering toys at 286 schools in La Guaira, so that all children receive a toy during Christmas,” informed Governor José Alejandro Terán of La Guaira.

Terán indicated that, with the support of local community governments, the state government has also given toys to parents with children aged from 0 to 3. Governor Terán stated, “This campaign has reached shelters, hospitals and communities through the six territorial axes strategy of the community governments.”

This year, parents and teachers collected the toys in the schools “to maintain the Christmas spirit in children and to preserve their naivety as well as the family values which characterize us as Venezuelans,” said Terán.

Terán stressed the fundamental role that community organizations and social leaders have this Christmas, to maintain the traditions and culture of the season under strict biosecurity measures.

Marina de Baute, spokesperson for the Social Protection Committee of the Guiri Guiri community council, said about the toy distribution campaign, “Today is a magical day for that parent who is in dire straits to satisfy the needs of their children, in addition to continuing the tradition of gifting a toy on the 24th. The most important thing is the joy of the child who will cherish this as a magical moment throughout their life.”

De Baute stressed that the most important thing during Christmas is fraternity, union and solidarity with families and those most in need.

The toys have been handed out to parents so that children can receive their baby Jesus gift on December 24.

More than 161,000 toys distributed in Mérida
The Governor of Mérida state, Jehyson Guzmán, informed that more than 161,000 toys have been distributed throughout the 23 municipalities of the state this Christmas.

In a press release, Guzmán highlighted that the distribution of these toys is free of charge throughout the country. He said that it would be inadmissible for anyone to dare and sell a single toy, because they are sent without charge from President Nicolás Maduro’s government to the little ones.

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José Delgadillo, coordinator for Mérida Ministry of Commerce, informed that on Saturday, December 18, the first toy shipments arrived in Mérida and were received by the governor and his team who began to distribute them to different municipalities.

For his part, Metropolitan Stadium of Mérida director Willians Uzcátegui informed that, in order to carry out an organized distribution, they made an inventory to categorize the toys according to gender and age. Uzcátegui added that they have been unloading containers with toys throughout the week.

Douglas Rivas, one of those is charge of the distribution of the toys at the stadium, explained that the toys were divided into 4 categories by age: from 0 to 3 years old, from 4 to 7 years old, from 7 to 9 years old and from 10 to 12 years old. Distribution was carried out according to population density.

The toys have been distributed during Christmas recreational activities.

Marcos Quintero, director of the Happiness on Wheels program in Mérida, stated that the toys have been distributed during the Christmas season in recreational activities and with the help of activity monitors.

Quintero stressed that they visited all the municipalities to bring gifts, joy and smiles to the children of Mérida.



Featured image: Children in the states of Trujillo, La Guaira and Mérida received toys as part of the Venezuelan government’s Christmas toy distribution program. Photo: Últimas Noticias 

(Últimas Noticias)

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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