CNE Selects Complementary Polling Station Officials for 21N Elections

The National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela has selected additional polling station officials, who will join those already selected in June, and they will serve during the regional and municipal elections on November 21.

A total of 14,169,416 voters are eligible to fulfill duties as polling station officials, out of the 21,159,887 people registered in the electoral roll.

The complementary selection of the polling station officials was made by the National Office of Subaltern Electoral Bodies of the CNE, which summoned representatives of political parties and coalitions to witness an automated and random drawing.

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The selection were carried out for two categories: voting desks with vacant positions and new voting desks.

For the voting desk boards with vacant positions, 24,299 boards and 73,158 members were considered for the selection, while for the new voting desks the total was 753, requiring 22,590 citizens to ensure their operation.

The total number of voting desks incorporated by the CNE is 25,052, with 95,748 voters selected to act as electoral officials in them.

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Training of voting desk officials
Last week, the CNE started to train the selected officials through online mode.

The training is being carried out through the ECAP Distance Training platform, this being the main requirement to obtain the corresponding accreditation.

Those interested in the training have to access the CNE website and click on the “Training of voting desk members” banner. Once they have registered, board members will be able to access the eight training modules and obtain their certificate online.

The eight training modules feature topics such as the Installation of the Voting Desk, the Constitution of the Voting Desks, the Voting Minute and the Scrutiny Minute, and the Citizen Verification details.

Voters interested in knowing if they have to comply with this obligation have to visit the CNE website, or call 0-800CNE-00 or send an SMS message to 2637 with their voter ID number.


Featured image: Fingerprint verification at polling station in Venezuela. File photo.

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