Do They Want Tomás Guanipa as Caracas Mayor? – Persecuted Parliamentarian or a Farce?

After it was revealed that the opposition politician Tomás Guanipa will run as mayor of Caracas in the upcoming regional elections scheduled for November 21, a flurry of critical comments were unleashed regarding the nomination, some originating from right-wing elements.

Comments on social media platforms mostly questioned Guanipa’s apparent “metamorphosis,” as until recently he had presented himself as a parliamentarian persecuted by the government and as former deputy Guaidó’s so-called ambassador to Iván Duque (Colombia). He recently resigned from that “position” and joined the Mexico Talks.

Similarly, criticism came from sectors of the opposition who continue to demand primary elections or, at the very least, that some polls are conducted, in order to choose opposition candidates for the regional and local elections—perhaps inspired by the in-depth primaries carried out by the PSUV.

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Over the weekend, another Justice First (Primero Justicia) representative with aspirations for mayor of Caracas, Roberto Patiño, declined to run, and announced his support for Guanipa. He explained that he was setting aside his personal wishes and adhering to the guidelines of the opposition faction to which he belongs.

Some supporters of the far right were also concerned about the attacks on Guanipa. They revealed again the divisions that the opposition leadership exhibits, as various electoral processes are underway.

High risk
With the nomination of Tomás Guanipa as G4 candidate for mayor of Caracas, attacks also arose against the dialogue process taking place in Mexico. Critics claim that the talks only favor the revolutionary forces.

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As it will be remembered, the PSUV and its Great Patriotic Pole alliance nominated, after the open primary elections, Admiral Carmen Meléndez as the candidate for mayor of the Venezuelan capital. Even the opposition groups speak of the marked advantage that Meléndez has over any competitor, given her career and experience in the political and social sphere.

In this regard, the criticism of opposition groups and their followers against the nomination of Tomás Guanipa expressed the fear that Guanipa’s candidacy “leaves the way free to Carmen Meléndez” for the mayoralty of Libertador Municipality (Caracas).


Featured image: Opposition politician Tomas Guanipa, currently G4 candidate for mayor of Caracas. File photo.

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