Elliott Abrams: US Prepares “Media Offensive” Against Venezuela

Caracas, July 12, 2020.- Elliott Abrams announced that as part of plans to “put pressure” on the Venezuelan government, the Donald Trump administration is preparing a “communication offensive.”

During his speech in an online conference sponsored by the Hudson Institute, the US official made public that this new plan contemplates the implementation of media outlets for radio, TV and the Internet, for which they are preparing actions aimed at penetrating Venezuelan territory.

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“Even in this new world, radio is important. Let’s think more about radio. We need to make sure that what we do reaches a wide audience in Venezuela,” Abrams said, according to a review on the Hudson Institute website.

This same “communication offensive” was launched against the Republic of Cuba in 1985 with Radio Martí, and later in 1990 it was expanded to television with Tv Martí without a real effect on Washington’s plans to oust Fidel Castro, Cuban president at the time. Both media outlets are directly financed by the US government and their editorial line is of constant attack on the Cuban revolution.

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Translated by JRE/EF