Fake News Warfare in Venezuela: Now an Alleged Morgue Collapse Due to COVID-19

Friday, April 2, social media networks in Venezuela were once again the center of a debate in which users revealed a case of fake news. The action began with photographs that were circulated depicting an alleged “COVID-19 death surge” in the Bello Monte morgue in Caracas.

The issue became a trending topic at a time when the country is going through a second wave of coronavirus infections. On the same day, for example, 1,254 new positive cases, and 13 deaths from the illness were reported.

This new skirmish in the unconventional warfare being executed in Venezuela coincided with an escalation of fake news related to the confrontations in the border area of ​​Apure state, where Bolivarian National Armed Forces are engaged in operations to expel Colombian drug trafficking groups.

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Some tweets pointed out that the fake news trend sought a demoralizing and demobilizing effect faced with a national need to increase caution and sanitary measures to protect health in the midst of the pandemic. But others alerted Chavismo of a possible attempt to destabilize it for something bigger that the extreme right, the US, and Colombia might be planning for the coming days.

Behind the fake news
False information is mounted daily around the Venezuelan political process, which is subsequently refuted with evidence. This also happened earlier in the week with the “denunciation” of the abduction of four “activists/journalists” from NTN24, in Apure state. Later it was shown that they were actually provided with protection by the Venezuelan Army and were not subjected to mistreatment.

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In this sense, the majority of opinions expressed regarding the alleged images of the morgue in Bello Monte pointed to the skewed and necrophilic positions of some political actors, who work with social media networks or US financed “free press.” These are people who permanently promote actions of hatred and violence in Venezuela.

Other reasons for the rejection by users of social media networks lies in the fact that the dissemination of false information only generates anxiety and does not contribute to the stability or calm required for complex processes, such as those presented by the pandemic or the Colombian-promoted violence near the border.

Even some of those who oppose the national government and choose to bet on the veracity of images such as those related to the case of Bello Monte, admit that it is unacceptable to echo the morbidity behind these publications.


Featured image: The Bello Monte morgue is the main morgue in Caracas. File photo.

(RedRadioVE) by Jose Manuel Blanco Diaz

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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