“Guaido Recognizes Maduro as President”: Reactions to Government-G4 Agreement (PAHO)

After the signing — on June 2 — of an agreement between the national government and the so-called G4, the group of political parties supporting Juan Guaido’s US led regime change operation, made up of the right-wing parties Primero Justicia, Acción Democrática, Voluntad Popular, Un Nuevo Tiempo, the reactions fron anti-Chavismo have been diverse.

Anti-chavista politician Roberto Smith posted on his twitter account: ‘if Guaido signed a deal with Maduro, it is not a deal among equals. It is the recognition of Maduro’s legitimacy, thus a resignation of the ‘interim presidency’. Meaning this is a deal between a superior authorities and a subordinate.”

The former presidential candidate and former governor of the Lara state, Henri Falcón, was among those who applauded this initiative on his twitter account: “This is the path we have always pointed to, without reservations. It is what the vast majority expects, solutions to their real problems. Life in Venezuela comes first!”

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For his part, Enrique Ochoa Antich expressed: “That’s good! Finally a sensible gesture. Congratulations to Minister Carlos Alvarado and to doctor Julio Castro.”

While opposition Congressman Williams Dávila wrote: “Assembly achieves that ‘protected’ funds go to PAHO and not to the ‘dictatorship’ within the Covid-19, to protection teams for health personnel, to improve diagnostic capacity, to clinical treatment of confirmed cases.”

Likewise, the former secretary of the so-called Table of Democratic Unity, Jesús “Chuo” Torrealba said: “For all of us who work from civil society to make agreements for the people, the agreement between the Ministry of Health and the ‘National Assembly’ to jointly face the Covid-19 pandemic with PAHO as a witness, is great news.”

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However, there are those within the right who disagreed, such is the case of the leader Andrés Velásquez: “On the agreement signed by the representative of Juan Guaidó and the National Assembly, with PAHO to administer ‘protected’ resources, to face the pandemic, I will only say: the recent decision of the TSJ came to naught, disappearing the AN. National emergency government now!”

For his part, the theater director Héctor Manrique said: “Maduro, he will use the Humanitarian Agreement, to finish dividing the opposition. Part of that is giving Guaidó’s uncle a house for benefit of jail. Nor was Guaidó aware of the agreement. They will make everyone believe that everything was arranged between the opposition and the regime. It’s up to you to believe it or not. I never believe them.”

Likewise, journalist Orlando Avendaño tweeted: “Guaidó, by agreeing with Maduro, recognizes him as president of Venezuela. Then, the fiction of the interim government is finished. Guaidó, by agreeing with Maduro, collaborates with the solidification of ‘tyranny’”.

Featured image: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE/EF

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