Invading Venezuela to Keep the Presidency: Marco Rubio’s Recommendation to Trump

According to the most recent polls carried out in the US, the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, is 10 points ahead of President Donald Trump. Faced with what already seems an inevitable defeat, the Republican senator, Marco Rubio, has advised his boss in the White House that in order to continue as president, he must — nothing more and nothing less — “invade” Venezuela.

This explosive information has been revealed by the Argentine website La Política Online. The outlet points out that in view of the importance of the Latino vote for the permanence in power, Rubio — along with members of the so-called Republican “War Room” — have been weaving the proposal on the need for military action against Venezuela and thus secure the electoral college votes from Florida in November.

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Rubio feels the urgency, since he must guarantee 29 votes in the Electoral College and the state of Florida — usually Republican — is now very divided and in favor of the Democrats. This number of votes is key, especially if the loss of 38 Texas votes takes place.

However, the Argentinian website added that Rubio’s proposal has not prospered because Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have disagreed with the idea and have advised the president on the risks of this action.

September is seen as a key month for the proposal to invade Venezuela, whether it comes to fruition or not. It all depends on the behavior of the electorate. If the Republicans improve their position, perhaps, the idea will die. But if the Democrats continue to rise, this will give Rubio more reasons to speak with more intensity in Trump’s ear until he is convinced to carry out an armed action in the South American country.

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