Jewish-Christian-Muslim Monotheism is an Arab Heritage

I pick up those pieces of my father’s mournful narrative, a surviving Palestinian peasant from AL-Nakba (1948). 32 years ago he told me: we gave Christianity to the west and they returned us crusades, we gave Judaism to the west and they gave us back Zionism, we gave Islam to the west and they gave us back Saudi.

By Susana Khalil

I, under a Freudian influence, believe that this monotheistic trilogy of my Semitic ancestor ended up being a fracture in human sexuality. That is another subject.

No people, millennial, retains in its historical chronology, the same religion, the same border, the same name and does not even preserve the same language. But it is still the story of the predecessors of the people of that land and if not, it is because it is a memoricide, culturicide, epistemicide, denialism, accompanied by imperial, colonial, media invasions and wars leading to ethnic genocides.

Loose pieces of the poetry of the Galilean, Mahmud Darwish, I am the son of the Hebrew, I am the son of the Bible… .write that I am Arab, the earth, the mother of the beginnings, the mother of the endings, was called Palestine keeps being called Palestine.

The Jewish-Christian-Muslim monotheistic trilogy is a religious contribution of the ancestral diversity of what is today the battered Arab gentile, of the Ethno Arab universality. It would be healthy, fair, necessary and even urgent to appeal to History, historiography, historical memory, historical law and the Arab historical worldview, which would contribute on the one hand to decolonize the Arab world (especially the Arab sectarian complexes, racists, classists, eunuchs of historical knowledge) and illustrate the world in general so as not to continue in the trap of sectarianism, which is a method of destruction and domination, and on the other hand, just reverse that diversity (which has served as sectarianism) in a fertile and fruitful mosaic, starting from its own plural historical archive, and go to its rescue as a protector. History is a taboo.

The amazing Eurozionist propaganda has successfully reduced Arab universality to Islam alone, as if the birth of the Arab came from Islam, that is, in the seventh century of the Christian era, when in reality the Arab is much older than all Jewish monotheism -Christian-Muslim and even such a Semitic language is one of the oldest in humanity.

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Without attractive abstraction to illustrate history, without abstraction not to censor and especially not to falsify it, especially as a result of the imposition of a European colonial regime in the Middle East (Israel 1948) in Historic Palestine, it is not in vain that it is clear and it does not feel that Judaism is a religious contribution of the Iraqi Arab people (Mesopotamia), Christianity a religious legacy of the Syrian Arab people (still retains its old name) and it is only clear that Islam was born in the Arabian Peninsula (today’s Saudi tyranny).

The Jewish-Christian-Muslim monotheistic trilogy is not only a contribution that comes from the same geographical area, the Levant (which is not all Arabic but native to the area), but also comes from the same ethnicity, the Semitic (the ancestor Arabic), and the most important thing to note is that this trilogy, in its essence, as religious doctrines all three descend from the same root and trunk.

Judaism is the mother religion of Christianity and the mother religion of Islam. The one is a continuity of the other, the other is a complement to that continuity. It is a doctrinal symbiosis. The Christian-Muslim roots are Jewish. The roots of Islam are Jewish-Christian. That is why they are also known as the Abrahamic religions and / or the people of the book. The Jewish religion also has roots in Babylonian polytheism (Iraq) and Canaanite polytheism (Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan). I point out, when I talk about roots I mean religious roots, not ethnic ones.

Polytheism, in broad strokes, was the religious expression and identity of Europe and, of course, its pride, order and well-being. The Christian religion was hated in Europe, more than three centuries of macabre persecutions of Europeans who converted to that religion, a religion that came from Arab ethnicity. Similarly, another group of Europeans adhered to the Jewish religion, a religion that also comes from Arab ancestry and these Europeans suffered bloody persecutions from their own European brothers. The European polytheist stalked against his own European brother for adhering to the Christian faith, then converted to Christianity and the other sequence is the stalking of the Christian European, against his own European brother who embraced the Jewish faith.

Today in Europe the Jewish-Christian faith, beyond its secularism, is its religious identity, it is its precedent and monotheistic reference. Europe does not have its own monotheism, its monotheism is Arabic. The moral is to see how Europe went from being anti-Christian, anti-Jewish and presents the Arab world as the enemies of Judeo-Christianity, when in reality, these doctrines are a religious heritage of the Arab world. Unfortunately, many Arabs fell into this colonial trap.

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Ignored or not realize that the monotheistic trilogy is a legacy of what is now the Arab gentile (and I say Arabic to not use euphemisms), since it is invisible, hidden and even denied. It is said that the three religions come from the Middle East and it is shown that they come from a geographic space that is not more cultural, civilizational and ethnic, where the Arab is mutilated, erased. Now, this is not free and it is precisely due to the imposition from Europe of the colonial regime of Israel in the Arab world, exactly in the historical Palestine, where the Eurozionist movement takes the overwhelming religious archive and through its fascinating narrative appropriates said history in which it sees the European Jew as a descendant of the Semitic lands by the fact of having converted to religion, Judaism.

Now, snatching the Semites, that is to say the Arabs, the Jewish-Christian legacy, is due to the peculiarities of colonialism, Eurozionist, Israel 1948, which above all is a colonial anachronism, and its difference with the classic colonialism is that the it does not come from a people but from a movement (Zionism) that seeks to become a people. And this is why it  not only takes the land but also takes the history of the original people. In classical colonialism the colonizer takes the land, its resources and the history of the original people, destroys it. And it is pertinent to remind secularism that Jews are not a people, just as Muslims, Christians, atheists and gays are not peoples either.

European Christians do not request historical rights in Palestine or right of return to Palestine. Muslim Chinese do not request historical rights in the Arabian Peninsula (cradle of Islam).

Imagine the lesbian community requesting historical rights on the Greek island of Lesbo, because that is where the word lesbian comes from, and my intention is not sarcasm but to graph how atrocious is the idea of ​​believing that the fact of belonging to the Jewish religion grants you an ethnic right in Palestine. When the President of the United States, Donald Trump, an Aryan, states that he is the “King of Israel” or when he states that “the United States and Italy have been linked by a cultural and political heritage for thousands of years, since Ancient Rome”. We are shocked at this grotesque ignorance and painful absurdity of a supremacist, but the worst is when the absurd is seen as reality and condition, is the case with the Zionist Eurocentrism that has managed to make believed and felt today in the 21st century,

A vulgar reminder to the western secular illustrates, what expanded in the world were not Christians, Muslims and Jews, what expanded in the world were the respective religious doctrines that come from the Arab world. Another example, marking the horizon, Marxists did not expand in the world, it was the Marxist doctrine that expanded.

In the face of the despotic imperial and colonial objective of making Arab universality invisible, in the specific case of the monotheistic trilogy as a religious heritage of the Arab world, it is necessary that from the mosaic and from the Arab crowd a revival be restored that leads to the rescue of its passage and historical archive, for example among others through a worldview and cosmogony.

The Arab is that rich mummy and fossil that cannot be reduced to the Jewish-Christian-Muslim monotheistic trilogy. This is not a pan Arab chauvinism but a cry of Arab survival against imperial barbarism and Eurozionist colonial anachronism that is not only limited to historic Palestine but is an expansionist colonialism. The Arab demonym is disappearing.

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Susana Khalil
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Susana Khalil is a politologist and researcher. Founder of the Canaán Association. Conductor and producer of the radio program "Palestine 11 thousand years of history".

Susana Khalil

Susana Khalil is a politologist and researcher. Founder of the Canaán Association. Conductor and producer of the radio program "Palestine 11 thousand years of history".