Jorge Rodríguez: If You Want Dialogue Begin Admitting to the Horrendous Crimes Committed – No Amnesia

This Thursday, May 13, the President of Venezuela’s National Assembly (AN), Jorge Rodríguez, stressed that the Venezuelan opposition cannot now appear on the national stage and call for dialogue without acknowledging their actions that affected the Venezuelan people.

During a regular session in which a draft agreement was approved in support of the implementation of the Constitutional Anti-Blockade Law for National Development and the Guarantee of Human Rights, Rodríguez assured that “the capacity of the people to resist the attacks has been incredible,” especially those in recent years. He questioned whether such assaults could be resisted for so long in another country.

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He assured that in his capacity as a parliamentarian he supports the response that the President of the Republic gave this Wednesday to the Venezuelan opposition, in which Nicolás Maduro confirmed that he is open to dialogue but also questioned the intentions behind the far right’s sudden change of heart.

However, said Rodríguez, “here no one has amnesia. The attacks on the Venezuelan people cannot continue like this, and cannot be forgotten.”

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“This law seeks to end the blockade, but those who want dialogue must begin by acknowledging that they were wrong, and that they committed horrendous crimes against the country,” he said. “It must be recognized that the military invasion of Venezuela was requested, Monómeros [Colombian subdivision of PDVSA] was stolen,” and said that a commitment should come from the dialogue table that no one will ever again obtain political benefits on behalf of the people,” he said.

“Those that today are asking for dialogue, back to square one—[to] negotiations, we say yes, but without amnesia. Those who want dialogue must begin by recognizing not only that they were wrong, but that they committed horrendous crimes against Venezuela,” said Rodríguez.

“You cannot come with your clean face [as if nothing had happened] to ask for a negotiation and a dialogue without, for example, returning what you stole, or at least saying that terrible mistakes were made,” Rodríguez lashed out, referring to the various cases of corruption in which former deputy Guaidó and “members” of his imaginary government are involved.



Featured image: Jorge Rodriguez, president of the National Assembly. Photo courtesy of Con el Mazo Dando.

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