Julio Borges Whines About Maduro’s Participation in Upcoming Ibero-American Summit

Former deputy Juan Guaidó’s fake chancellor, Julio Borges, published a letter to reject the possible participation of the President of the Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, in the 27th Ibero-American Summit to be held in Andorra on April 21.

According to the fugitive from Venezuelan justice, the legitimate president should not participate in said meeting because it would be a “contradiction with the fundamental principles that the Ibero-American democracies defend.” Borges neglected to mention that at this summit, the governments recognized by the United Nations are represented, and not those fake government promoted by the United States.

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Alleging that the President commits “authoritarian practices,” the far-right militant urged the countries that will participate in the Summit of Heads of State “to delegitimize the presence” of the Venezuelan leader.

In the text, Borges made reference to the accusations of human rights violations in Venezuela made by the OAS/Lima Group-sponsored international fact-finding mission, accusations that were not based on contact with the country but on social media posts, by a mission which is not recognized by the Venezuelan government


Featured image:  President Maduro. File photo.

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