Kamala Harris, Biden’s Running Mate: What She Said 1 Year ago About President Maduro

Senator Kamala Harris, who was chosen by Joe Biden as his running mate, in an interview she had a year ago showed the same interventionist stance of her colleagues against Venezuela but said that she did not agree with removing President Nicolas Maduro from office by armed means.

Harris, who after her nomination as a candidate unleashed the wrath of current President Donald Trump, said a year ago that she supports a “peaceful transition” in Venezuela and that she was opposed to a “military intervention.”

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Harris was invited in August 2019 by the New York-based think tank “Council on Foreign Relations” (CFR) to present her views on foreign policy, which included statements on Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, Ukraine and, for of course, Venezuela.

“What additional measures should the United States take to remove Nicolás Maduro from power in Venezuela?” asked the CFR moderator.

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Without hesitation, Harris said: “Make no mistake, Nicolas Maduro is a repressive and corrupt dictator, responsible for an unfathomable humanitarian crisis,” and continued with the same US “regime change” narrative stressing that “Venezuelans deserve the support and solidarity of the US.”

The senator, who has repeatedly been adverse to Trump’s regime, said at that event that the United States should seek to “immediately extend the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to Venezuelans who have fled from Maduro’s brutality, something that Trump has refused to do.”

The now vice-presidential candidate, who thus becomes the first African-American female candidate for the US vice presidency, a year ago stressed that the US must “continue to support multilateral diplomatic efforts for a peaceful transition to new legitimate elections, which must be the final goal.”

Featured image: Kamala Harris and Marco Rubio. 2017 file photo. Courtesy of The Epoch Times

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