Minister Plasencia to Washington: ‘You Cannot Torpedo Mexico Talks and Then Urge Its Resumption

Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Félix Plasencia, responded this Friday, December 3, to the US Undersecretary of State, Victoria Nuland, that it has been the government of President Nicolás Maduro that has repeatedly promoted dialogue with the opposition, even at times of greatest political tension that was fostered by the Venezuelan extreme right supported precisely by Washington.

On Thursday, December 2, in a new interventionist act, Washington urged the administration of Nicolás Maduro to return to the negotiating table in Mexico. “Met yesterday with Venezuela’s Unitary Platform to reaffirm US support for Venezuelan-led negotiations,” Nuland wrote on her Twitter account. “We stand with the Venezuelan people in their struggle for democracy, and urge the Maduro regime to return to the negotiating table for the benefit of all Venezuelans.”

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“It has been President Nicolás Maduro who has pushed the calls for dialogue to all sectors of the opposition and, thanks to that effort, we have managed to get them back on the path of democracy,” responded Plasencia through a message on his Twitter account. “A clear sign that we will resolve our differences without any interference.”

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In another message, the Venezuelan foreign affairs minister wrote that “although all opinions are valid, some contribute new points of view, while others are null and void. It is obvious in which group the comments of Undersecretary Nuland fall. You cannot torpedo the dialogue and at the same time ‘urge’ to resume it.”

President Maduro’s government and the Venezuelan opposition had begun a negotiation process on August 13 in Mexico, that many call the Mexico Talks. However, after the kidnapping—by the US—of diplomat Alex Saab, who was also a government representative at the negotiations, the government suspended its participation at the talks.



Featured image: Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Felix Plasencia has called out US interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs. File photo.

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