New CNE Board: 10 Civil Society Members of Nominating Committee Announced Today

Feb. 26, 2020.- On Wednesday, the Preliminary Commission chose the 10 individuals who will be part of the Electoral Nomination Committee, Unión Radio reported.

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Opposition Deputy, Stalin González, reported that these members come from the university and union sectors associated with electrical, educational and lawyers’ organizations.

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Among those announced -to be sworn in the coming days- are:

  1. Alexis Corredor
  2. Cruz Eduardo Castañeda
  3. Mercedes Gutiérrez
  4. Guillermo Miguelena
  5. Orlando Pérez
  6. Luis Alberto Rodríguez
  7. Luis Serrano
  8. Petra Tovar

These individuals, together with 11 parliamentarians -to be announced-, will form the Electoral Nomination Committee that will choose the new National Electoral Council (CNE) board.

Source URL: Aporrea

Translated by JRE/EF

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