Parliamentary Elections: CNE Extends Nomination Deadline Until August 26

This Tuesday, the president of the National Electoral Council, Indira Alfonzo Izaguirre, announced that the electoral body has decided to extend until next August 26 the nomination deadline for candidates planning to run in the parliamentary elections that will be held on December 6, according to the press release of the electoral body.

As provided in the Electoral Schedule, the nomination period for candidates runs from August 10 to 19, for which reason “it has been decided to extend the period of nominations for 7 more days, starting on August 20 and ending it on August 26 of this year,” Alfonzo reported.

The highest authority of the Electoral Power stated that this extension is intended to “promote and encourage the broadest participation and political pluralism, fundamental values of our democratic and social State of law and justice, in response to the different requests for extensions made by the different organizations with political ends.”

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For this election the Electoral Power has enabled 105 political parties and organizations that will be able to enroll candidates the run for parliamentary seats on December 6.

Advanced system
Regarding the Automated System of Applications, the main rector of the CNE recalled that it was “presented to organizations with national and regional political purposes, which reviewed it, confirmed it and have been in constant interaction for the training of those authorized to make nominations for these political organizations,” she said.

Alfonzo highlighted that a constant consultation process has been developed between political groups and the electoral body for an efficient use of this System,” that is, since August 10, it has been a bilateral activity of the National Electoral Council and political organizations,” she pointed out.


The main rector of the CNE also recalled that “national and regional political organizations, in order to process their applications, have had to submit to this electoral body the data of their authorized agents for applcations, which were duly registered and uploaded in said system, an advanced, secure and reliable technological tool was developed in that sense, and this has been certified by the political organizations themselves, which allows them to carry out this process in an expeditious and secure manner by creating their username and password, as it was presented to them in the workshops of training carried out throughout the national territory as of July 30.”

Promote participation
Indira Alfonzo clarified that this extension will not at all affect the development or the dates after the process of nominations foreseen in the schedule, because “we are faithful to the fulfillment of each and every one of the guarantees that have been established for this electoral process.”

The electoral authority reiterated its call for participation, “to you, electors who will exercise your right to vote on December 6; to you, the political organizations, who have a duty to their membership, the call is to participate,” she insisted.

In the same way, Alfonzo expressed her assurance that “this extension will contribute to opening a propitious space of time so that through debate and consensus, organizations with political ends present the best possible electoral option, and that this is finally reflected in their lists of nominees as candidates.”

Finally, the main rector of the CNE stressed that the actions of the electoral body are aimed at “benefitting the expression of the sacred right of suffrage and the irreducible determination of our glorious Venezuelan people to demonstrate once again their undoubted and proven democratic vocation, and their unwavering will to preserve the peace of the Republic.

“It is time to choose,” she concluded.

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