PDVSA Guarantees Gas Supply Despite Fire at El Palito Refinery

The Venezuelan state-owned oil and natural gas company PDVSA assured the public that El Palito Refinery would remain operational in order to guarantee the supply of combustible gas. This assurance came in the wake of a fire which broke out at the refinery.

PDVSA released a statement via Twitter in which the company noted that El Palito Refinery, located in the state of Carabobo, will continue to operate despite the minor fire which broke out on November 13 in a petroleum waste zone.

“El Palito Refinery will remain operational and will guarantee the supply of gas,” PDVSA stated through its Twitter account. “The small petroleum waste fire has been contained.”

Similarly, PDVSA officials confirmed that the refinery has controlled the fire and that specialists will investigate the event in order to provide answers regarding the situation

“The team of firefighters from El Palito Refinery, with help from Firefighters from Pequiven, the Yagua Distribution Plant and Cabello Port, were able to contain the small waste product fire,” specified the PDVSA officials.

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The fire, which was first detected early Saturday morning, caused the firefighters at the refinery to evacuate the entire plant, which is located in the PDVSA petroleum complex.

El Palito Refinery, with the help of the national government, was able to resume its operations several months ago after a maintenance period. The government aimed to help PDVSA satisfy the internal demand for gas in Venezuela.

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It should be noted that Venezuela’s domestic demand for gas is somewhere between 120-140,000 barrels per day. Considering this demand, PDVSA is attempting to ensure that its refineries are active.

Let us recall that the sanctions imposed by the government of the Unites States impede PDVSA’s efforts to buy gasoline—particularly the light crude needed to blend with its heavy crude—and other additives necessary for the refineries. Furthermore, the sanctions make it extremely difficult for PDVSA to contract the services it requires to repair and maintain its infrastructure.


Featured image: There was a small fire at El Palito refinery on November 13. Photo: Carabobo Es Noticia.

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