Pompeo’s Visit to Brazil Criticized by Left and Right (Rodrigo Maia)

On Friday various social organizations and political representatives of the left in Brazil rejected the visit of the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to the city of Boa Vista (capital of the border state of Roraima) as part of his South America tour.

Pompeo’s journey takes place in the context of new US threats against Venezuela and the government of President Nicolás Maduro.

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Senator Telmário Mota criticized Pompeo’s visit to Roraima on his Twitter account, considering that the meeting with the government of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro represents an invasion of the South American country by the US, and a conspiracy against Venezuela.

“Mike Pompeo is not welcome. I will not sit with him. It’s a doubly degrading matter for Roraima, as a platform for the Trump campaign and as an instrument of imperialist provocation against a brother people, with whom we have had peaceful economic, social and cultural relations for centuries,” Mota said on his Twitter account.

For his part, federal deputy Glauber Braga said through his social networks: “This is an illegitimate attempt to put pressure on Venezuela. They are looking for oil, natural wealth, the largest fuel reserve in the world and we cannot accept that Brazilian territory is used for that, even for a possible escalation of the war.”

In an open letter, the Workers’ Party (PT) expressed its concern about the provocation and harassment by the United States against Venezuela, when trying to rebuild the stage for a possible military intervention.

“Bolsonaro and his government demonstrate once again their submission to Trump, always ready to follow his orders or receive his representatives in our territory, in a continuous process of affront to our sovereignty,” the PT note states.

In addition to Brazil, Pompeo will hold meetings with the governments of countries close to Venezuela such as Colombia, Guyana and Suriname.

The Venezuelan Chancellor posted a tweet on Friday night pointing at the rejection from the left in Brazil to Pompeo’s visit but also from the right, referring to a news piece from the conservative news outlet O Globo reporting on center-right “Democratas’s” party leader and speaker of the Brazilian House of Representatives, Rodrigo Maia, who says that the visit to Boa Vista (Roraima state) was an affront to Brazilian foreign policy.

Maia added that Pompeo’s visit, just 46 days before US elections, did not comply with international and diplomatic good practices. “This statement coming from Rodrigo Maia, indicates a very negative outcome of the provocation designed by the White House with this visit from Pompeo and adds complications to any possible military action that might be in the making as denounced by many experts,” an analyst on international affairs said to Orinoco Tribune.

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