President Maduro Congratulates Chile’s Next President Gabriel Boric

Gabriel Boric was elected as president of Chile by the Apruebo Dignidad coalition. The 35-year old former student leader is the youngest president in the history of the country. In his term as a deputy, and during his campaign, Boric raised the issues of inclusion, decentralization and equal rights as cornerstones of his electoral campaign but questioned Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, repeating a familiar US and European imperialist narrative.

When the results were announced, Boric was immediately congratulated by his counterparts through the region. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro celebrated the election and the great democratic event in Chile. “I congratulate the Apruebo Dignidad alliance and the new Chilean president-elect Gabriel Boric,” wrote President Maduro. “Salutations to the people of Salvador Allende and Victor Jara for their resounding victory against fascism. A great democratic day! Viva Chile!”

Pedro Sánchez, President of Spain, celebrated the victory of Gabriel Boric, expressing his belief that Chile is moving towards a fairer, more feminist and environmentalist future, echoing the identity politics narratives so indispensable for the new international order redesigned and engineered by the World Economic Forum.

Congratulatory messages continued
Former president of Brazil, Luis Ignacio Lula Da Silva, also dedicated a few words to the newly elected president of Chile.

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“I congratulate compañero @gabrielboric for his election as president of Chile,” wrote Lula. “I am happy for another victory of a democratic and progressive candidate in our Latin America, for the construction of a better future for all.”

The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, congratulated Boric on his victory on behalf of the Latin American peoples who wish to “live with freedom, peace, justice, and dignity.”

President Alberto Fernández and Vice President of the Argentine Republic, Cristina Kirchner, both congratulated the newly elected president of Chile.

“We must assume the commitment to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood that unite our countries and to work together with the region to put an end to inequality in Latin America,” wrote President Fernández.

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For his part, former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, published on his Twitter account an image of the results of the Chilean elections accompanied by a quote from the former president of Chile, Salvador Allende: “Sooner rather than later, the great avenues will open through which the free man passes to build a better society.”

Likewise, many other leaders of different nations around the world and important political, social, and cultural actors celebrated and congratulated Chilean people for the election.

René Pérez, the artist from Puerto Rico known as Residente, recalled when he met Boric years ago, when he was young and fought for a free education in Chile. In reality, many students currently do not agree with Boric’s concessions to the right while he was a congressperson.

The new president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, began the day by thanking the people of his country for honoring him with this great responsibility.


Featured image: Gabriel Boric, the new Chilean elected president. Photo by agencies.

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