President Maduro Reiterates Willingness to Dialogue with Extremist Opposition, Demands End to Illegal Sanctions (Norway Again)

“I agree with the Norwegian government’s participation in the dialogue that has been initiated in Venezuela,” stated Nicolás Maduro yesterday, “but I have three key points for its development: lifting all sanctions, recognition of the National Assembly and established powers, and the return of seized bank accounts and assets to the institutions of the Venezuelan State.”

President Maduro made the statements during a working meeting on the Draft Organic Law of Special Economic Zones with the Finance Committee of the National Assembly.

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“With these three key conditions, I am willing to dialogue wherever you want, whenever you want,” added the president. “On November 21, we will evaluate ourselves, and it will be the people who decide. If the Norwegians present new proposals, I will accept them, but they have to accept my proposals as well,” said the national leader.

“I am happy to have constrained and overcome the extremist right, because we have made them join the electoral path, through a great national dialogue,” reflected Maduro. “I agree that the Norwegian government should be invited, but I ask for the return of the accounts and assets stolen from Venezuela. Three small requests to get us started.”

“Do you want to negotiate?” Maduro asked. “With those three points… We can go wherever you want, and whenever you want we can meet. Would you like to attend the November 21 elections? At that time we will evaluate ourselves.”

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Maduro commented that the extremist group of the Venezuelan right had received orders to participate in the elections: “From the North they gave the order to the extremist opposition group, headed by Guaidó, to participate in the dialogue and elections… Those who said they were not going to participate are already asking for facilities to register candidates in all states, such as Freddy Guevara, who is part of the extremist group.”

In addition, Maduro denounced Juan González, National Security Advisor for the Western Hemisphere for US President Joe Biden, for his continuing attacks on Venezuela.


Featured image:  President Maduro during a working meeting on the Economic Special Zones. Wednesday, May 26. Photo courtesy of Ultimas Noticias.

(Ultimas Noticias) by Narkys Blanco

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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