Priorities of Venezuelan Government are Integration and Cooperation

Integration and international cooperation are today a priority in the policy of the Bolivarian government of Venezuela, assured Ricardo Menéndez, Venezuelan vice president for Planning.

In an exclusive to Prensa Latina news agency, Menéndez underlined that since the arrival to power of President Hugo Chávez (2002-2013), relations with developing countries, regional organizations and allies have been part of the strategy and geopolitics of the Venezuelan State.

“It is very difficult for revolutions to exist without a new scheme from the point of view of integration,” stressed the Venezuelan official. “Without creating a new framework of international relations, progress cannot be made—there is no possibility of developing in isolation.”

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Menéndez stated that one key principle of Simón Bolívar’s thoughts was precisely unity in Latin America as the essential idea for the construction of a better alternative for the peoples of the region.

“We also have well-defined relations with Russia, China, Turkey and other allied nations, which has played an essential role in supporting the fight against COVID-19 pandemic this past year,” Menéndez added.

The vice president for Planning also stressed that work is currently being done to strengthen regional integration organizations that were victims of the wave of right-wing governments, and that these organizations must return to their original paths.



Featured image: Ricardo Menéndez, Venezuelan vice president for Planning, stated that regional and international integration and cooperation are key policies of the Bolivarian government. Photo: AVN

(Prensa Latina English)

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