Putin’s Message to the West: Don’t Mistake Russia’s Restraint for Weakness

Russian President Vladimir Putin left a clear message to the West during his annual address to the parliament: do not to mistake Moscow’s restraint for weakness.

To those who attempt maneuvers against the country, he said: “Organizers of any provocations that threaten our core security interests will regret what they have done like they’ve never regretted anything for a long time.”

The Russian leader mentioned that the West threatens world stability with the use of sanctions, and that this and other methods of imposing foreign will “are becoming much more dangerous.”

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Putin referred to the fondness of some governments for accusing Russia of misdoings as some kind of sport, or a dangerous weakness.

One of the most eloquent exponents of this Russophobia is the government of Joe Biden in the US. In the most recent chapter of this drama, the US president accused his counterpart of being a “killer” and approved sanctions against Moscow for allegedly interfering in the 2020 presidential election in favor of Trump.

Given the escalation of tensions in the West against Russia, Putin made it clear that, on its own account, Russia will now establish a red line in relations with other countries.

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Rejection of foreign interference
Putin also spoke out against disruptive actions by the West in other countries. He stressed that foreign powers have intervened with violent plans to overthrow the governments of Venezuela, Ukraine, and Belarus.

“You may hold any opinion about, for example, the former president of Ukraine— Yanukovych—or Maduro in Venezuela, and have any point of view on the president of Belarus, but the practice of staging coups and planning political assassinations, including those of high-ranking officials, exceed all limits,” said the Russian president during his speech.

The foreign policy of Russia, amid the US unilateralism and Europe, has become a necessary counterweight to the agenda of violence and economic warfare waged by Washington and Brussels.

Putin’s position was a civilized expression of the demand for peaceful coexistence between nations, an essential ideal subverted at each stage of US hegemony’s decline.


Featured image: Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo courtesy of RedRadioVE.

(RedRadioVE) by Carlos Arellan

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