Sandinistas Speak: Nicaraguans Defend Their Revolution (Video)

Los Angeles, Aug 31, 2021 (—Nicaraguans discuss why they support the Sandinista Revolution and President Daniel Ortega.

On July 19, 2021, tens of thousands of Nicaraguans packed the streets of Managua to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution.

In this video, you hear directly from working-class Nicaraguans who support their socialist government. You also hear their thoughts about U.S. sanctions and regime change. U.S.-imposed sanctions on Nicaragua have devastated working class Nicaraguans, who are overwhelmingly Indigenous and Afro-descendant.

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These are perspectives that are never shared on mainstream media, which often paint Nicaragua as a “dictatorship.”

This video is one of several episodes of Nicaragua Against Empire, a documentary series that highlights Nicaraguan resistance to Western imperialism. This series was recorded and produced by Ramiro Sebastián Fúnez, a Honduran communist content creator based in Los Angeles, California.


Featured image: Screenshot from the documentary “Nicaragua Against Empire.”

Special for Orinoco Tribune by Ramiro Fúnez


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