Terrorist Cell Captured in Zulia Planning to Infiltrate Demonstrations

A terrorist cell with high-caliber weapons, grenades, ammunition and military uniforms, which planned to infiltrate the January 23 demonstrations to “generate violent events and create false positives” was dismantled on Tuesday, according to Major General Fabio Zavarse Pabón, commander of the Strategic Integral Defense Region of the West (REDI Occidente), in Zulia state.

Zavarse Pabón reported that through joint work between the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) and the security forces of this state, they managed to dismantle a terrorist cell composed of 3 subjects that were hidden in an apartment of the residential complex Isla Dorada of Maracaibo.

In messages posted on Twitter, Zavarse showed images alluding to the event, where you can see high-caliber weapons, grenades, ammunition and military uniforms, in addition to 2 cell phones, which were presumed to be use to commit violent acts during the demonstration this coming Wednesday, January 23.

“The terrorists clashed with the authorities, managing to neutralize one of the members, the search is maintained to find the rest of the cell,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, he claimed that the group was housed in the Claudia building, seizing within it a submachine gun with sound suppressor, a Glock pistol, 3 grenades, 200 9mm caliber cartridges, 3 military uniforms and two cell phones, respectively.

In a final message, Commander Zavarse Pavón, stressed that they would be infiltrated in the demonstration tomorrow, making use of military clothing to generate violent events and create false positives, attacking the peace and tranquility of the Venezuelan people.

The governor of Zulia, Omar Prieto, shared on Twitter a video of the procedure in the Claudia building.

Earlier, the vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, used the digital networks to call on the people to take action against the Constitutional President of Venezuela, in addition to supporting the coup actions of sectors of the Venezuelan right.

Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by JRE/AR

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