TransferWise Announces Closing of Accounts in Venezuela (US Sanctions)

The web money transfer service, TransferWise, announced Monday that it will cease its operations in Venezuela, due to sanctions and regulatory requirements established by the United States government, journalist Arnaldo Espinoza told through his twitter account.

TransferWise is a web service that helped make money transfers abroad without paying commissions like PayPal or another corporations.

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From October 21 they will close TransferWise accounts. The company asked its customers to log in before that date to withdraw their money, because after October 21 they will have to contact them in order to withdraw it, the company explained.

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It should be remembered that on Monday it was learned that the Adobe platform sent emails to its Venezuelan users to inform that, due to the executive order of US President Donald Trump, after October 28, Venezuelans will not have access to their accounts, software and Adobe services, Weplash Agency reported.

Source URL: Aporrea

Translated by JRE/EF

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