US Imposes New Sanctions on China, Cuba, Russia, Venezuela and Iran

The United States has imposed a new series of sanctions on China, Cuba, Russia, Venezuela and Iran to prevent their access to US technology.

“We cannot allow the foreign military and intelligence organizations of our adversaries in China, Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, and Iran… to benefit from United States technology,” the United States Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross declared this Thursday through a statement .

According to the statement, these new sanctions apply to US technologies, and prevent the military intelligence industries in those countries from “making a profit.”

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A week before the end of outgoing President Donald Trump’s term, his administration has emphasized that the sanctions will affect Cuba’s Directorate of Military Intelligence and the Directorate of Military Counter-Intelligence, the Chinese Intelligence Bureau, the Guardian Corps of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the General Bureau of Reconnaissance of North Korea, the Main Directorate of the High Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, the Military Intelligence Service of Syria and the General Directorate of Military Counter-Intelligence of Venezuela.

“The measures will come into effect on March 16,” the US statement detailed.

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Since Trump’s arrival in power in 2017, Washington has increasingly pursued a campaign of pressure and economic sanctions against Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia, and Iran, among others.

Several countries are subject to Washington’s unilateral sanctions. Despite repeated calls, including from within the US, to lift restrictive measures affecting these countries, the Trump administration has refused to remove them.


Featured image: US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross speaks during a press conference, September 21, 2020 (Photo: AFP).


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