US Sanctions: White House Now Aiming at Diesel to Destroy Commuting and Food Transport

The US regime will continue to suffocate Venezuelans even more with new sanctions to the importation of diesel or diesel additives to Venezuela, which is what the extremist wing of the opposition promoted by Juan Guaidó seeks following Donald Trump’s orders.

For the oil expert Rafael Quiroz and the economist Francisco Rodríguez, both anti-Chavistas, this fact will have a strong impact on Venezuela’s public transport and heavy cargo sector, mainly transporting food.

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“Although Venezuela has both diesel and gasoline in stock, issuing more sanctions would jeopardize the replenishment of fuel stocks; that, without a doubt, would affect all Venezuelans,” Quiroz told Hispanopost news outlet.

In this sense, he indicated that “it is the vehicles that use this fuel that are of concern, because they are public transport, food, heavy cargo, which carry the necessary products for the population to survive.”

Likewise, Quiroz pointed out that these measures “taken unilaterally by the United States government, whatever the pretext, are affecting the population, because we are the ones who are paying the price.”

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For the oil expert, the sanctions promoted by the Trump government currently limit the production and refining capacity of the Venezuelan oil industry.

For his part, the economist Francisco Rodríguez asked the deputies of the National Assembly to make public their disagreement with the US decision to prevent Venezuela’s imports of diesel, as it is “crucial for public transport and food.”

The consequences of these sanctions, Rodríguez says, could be fatal for the Venezuelan population. There would be food shortages again, “if this measure is applied it will cost human lives,” he said.

Rodríguez reiterated that Citgo, PDVSA’s subsidiary in the US, is able to send gasoline to Venezuela. For this reason, he asked Guaidó to work for this to happen, instead of asking for more sanctions.

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