US Secretary of State Blinken Threatens Venezuela at UN Human Rights Council (+Nicaragua, Cuba, Iran, China, Russia)

During the first participation of a diplomat from the Biden administration at the United Nations, new US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken threatened the Venezuelan people—ironically within the Human Rights Council.

Blinken was in charge of requesting the return of the US to the Council for the 2022-26 period. The diplomat foolishly took advantage of the human rights platform to lash out at free and sovereign states: “We will continue to denounce abuses in places like Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Iran,” asserted Blinken.

Similarly, during the videoconference he spoke in a hostile tone of China and Russia.

“Those with the worst human rights records should not be members of this Council,” the official continued icily, perhaps forgetting that the United States is recognized as one of the worst human rights offenders in the world, alongside many of its allies, including the UK, France, Colombia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, or Israel, among others.

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The launch of hostilities in the Biden era?
These statements clearly revealed that the Biden government will continue the US attack against Venezuela and other sovereign nations. Blinken confirmed that the interventionist and supremacist stance of the United States towards progressive countries will continue.

According to the US top diplomat Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran, China, and Russia are noted for their human rights violations.

“We look forward to working with our partners in this body and with NGOs around the world to ensure that the Council fulfills its role and effectively contributes to the improvement of human rights in the world,” said Blinken.

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Blinken also said that the US will not lift the blockade against the administration of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro until a dialogue begins.

“To those who hope that we will unilaterally lift the sanctions, that’s something that’s not a priority at the moment, because what we want is to promote a dialogue between the two sides, leading to a democratic result.”

Like the previous representatives of the White House, the diplomat disparagingly referred to the Bolivarian Government as a “regime.”

“We have to push the regime to sit down with the opposition to negotiate a way out,” said Blinken.

Imperial gall
In a show of cynicism and arrogance, Blinken asked the United Nations for the opportunity to return to the Human Rights Council, despite representing the greatest violators of fundamental rights in the world.

“I am pleased to announce that the United States will seek election to the Human Rights Council for the 2022-24 term. We ask for humbly the support of all member states of the UN in our attempt to regain a position in this body,” Blinken concluded.

Thus, the nation behind the most military invasions, human rights violations, and coups, and the country with the highest military spending, positions itself as an advocate for human rights.

The 193 members of the UN will vote for the 47 members of the Council in the General Assembly next October.

For the time being the United States participates in this international United Nations body as an observer.


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