Venezuela Labels Migrants Donor Conference in Canada as a Media Farce: Where is the Money?

Venezuela condemned Canada’s Donors Conference for Venezuelan Migrants and Refugees as a media farce held in its name, and demanded an end to the political, economic and media aggressions against the country.

Through a statement published on the Twitter account of Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza, Venezuela denounced the interventionist event attended by authorities from Canada, Spain, Colombia, the European Union, and agencies of the United Nations (UN).

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“Under the strict Washington script, they exhibit a cynical reading of the situation of migrants of Venezuelan origin, scandalously omitting both the causes related to the imposition of a criminal blockade through illegal sanctions; even the situations of discrimination and exploitation to which Venezuelan citizens are subjected in many countries of the continent,” read the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The minister also noted that the world is witnessing a crude anti-Venezuelan political propaganda operation that is highly profitable, according to the declarations of the organizers, who claimed to have raised $2.8 billion. However, the destination of these funds is unknown, and many Venezuelan emigrants have complained about never seeing a dime from these exorbitant amounts, that end up instead in the pockets of corrupt governments and organizations of international bureaucracy.

Let us recall that recently there was a media splash made about Venezuelan migrants crossing the Rio Grande. Following the hoopla made about their plight, the United States authorities summarily deported them.

At least 80 Venezuelans were expelled a week after all the media coverage and viral photos of migrants passing through the Rio Grande which supposedly showed such evidence of welcome and solidarity on the part of US authorities.

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The minister’s statement indicated that, by calling all migrants of Venezuelan origin “refugees,” they create a façade to justify “their opaque financial operations” of alleged humanitarian assistance. In reality, they have constructed a hypocritical narrative of compassion, despite the fact that most of these “donor” countries have historically produced migrants themselves or promote this phenomenon through wars.

“The organizations and participants of such a biased encounter do not allow a single reference to the coercive and unilateral measures of the US, Canada, and the EU that caused the Venezuelan economic crisis that pushes people towards the experience of migration,” continued the statement of Venezuela’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In addition, Venezuela’s authorities criticized these representatives for failing to mention the assets of the Venezuelan people that are illegally held in banks in those same countries, assets which in fact exceed the amounts allegedly raised by this donor conference.

Finally, Venezuela’s authorities demanded that these governments and organizers cease their acts of political, economic and media aggression against Venezuela, release Venezuelan funds and assets, and lift the ignominious financial and commercial blockade that the conference’s nations themselves promote and facilitate.


Featured image: Poster prepared by the Canadian government for the new international show against Venezuela. Photo courtesy of the Canadian government.

(RedRadioVE) by Ana Perdigón, with Orinoco Tribune content

Translation: Orinoco Tribune



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