Venezuela Registers Two New Coronavirus Cases this Friday for a Total 335

In the last 24 hours, two new positive cases of Covid-19 were registered in Venezuela to raise the total number of infections to 335, while the recovery rate stands at 44.2% with 148 recovered patients, after receiving free treatment.

The information was offered by the president of the Bolivarian republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, during a videoconference to commemorate International Workers’ Day.

He described that of the 177 cases with active contagion: 86 are in hospitals, 68 in Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI), 23 in private hospitals, while the deceased remain at 10.

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He recalled that the country has more than 27.00 hospital beds and 4,500 intensive care unit beds, with sufficient capacity to attend to Covid-19 cases once they are detected through expanded and personalized house-to-house screening.

He called on the Venezuelan population to keep using using preventive measures such as face masks and social distancing protocols that will allow the contagion curve to be kept flat.

The national president added that the special measures adopted as a consequence of the hotspot developed by the disrespect for the social, collective and voluntary quarantine on Margarita island in a baseball academy with the endorsement of the entity’s governor, could be lifted soon according to the behavior of the epidemiological situation in that territorial locale.

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He warned that if the nationwide measures had not been taken in time for a collective, social and radical quarantine, to date the number of positive cases for coronavirus would amount to more than 213,000 cases.

In this sense, he called for keeping the measures that will take the country to a next stage where, according to experts, three scenarios are looming:

  • Quarantine continuation: A second controlled outbreak could occur.
  • Quarantine relaxation: A second outbreak worse than the first could be recorded.
  • Total lifting of the quarantine: There would be a second outbreak worse than that registered so far in the number of cases and deaths and that would be uncontrollable until next year.

“The key is conscience, unity and shared discipline,” reiterated the national president.

Description of new cases of contagion in the last 24 hours

1) Female, resident of Nueva Esparta state, her partner had tested positive for the outbreak registered in this location. Currently, she is asymptomatic, admitted to the CDI of Boca de Río.

2) Female, 28 years old, belonging to the Cuban Medical Mission. She is isolated in a CDI in the state of Miranda.

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Translated by JRE/EF

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