Venezuela Reports Today 607 New Coronavirus Cases and 6 Deaths

Venezuelan Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, reported the detection of 546 cases of covid-19 due to community transmission and 61 infections from migrants arriving from abroad.

In statements offered from the Miraflores Palace, Rodriguez specified that the community cases were registered in Miranda (220), Capital District (198), La Guaira (50), Barinas (22), Lara (14), Anzoátegui (11), Mérida (10), Carabobo (9), Aragua (7), Monagas (1), Sucre (1), Amazonas (1), Delta Amacuro (1) and Táchira (1).

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Regarding the imported cases, she indicated that all were detected in migrants entering from Colombia, while detailing that the deceased were registered three in the state of Miranda (76-year-old man, Yare; 77-year-old man from Baruta and 66-year-old woman from El Hatillo), two in Sucre (a 50-year-old man from Carupano and a 67-year-old from Cumaná) and one in Trujillo (a 84-year-old woman).

The Vice President highlighted that Venezuela currently registers 29,966 recovered patients, meaning 76% of the total number of cases that add up to 39,564 and 329 deaths.

Around the 9,269 active cases reported, 4,441 are asymptomatic; with light respiratory failure 4,257; with moderate condition 485; while 86 are confined to be in intensive care units.

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For several weeks Venezuela has reported more than one thousand cases everyday but since last Friday the number sims to be going down. The Venezuelan government have reported an important increase on Covid-19 cases but when compared with neighbors like Brazil and Colombia its numbers represent fractions.

According to the statistical website Venezuela has for today, 1,392 cases per million inhabitants being in fifth place in Latin America, just after Guyana, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Cuba which is in first place with 325 cases per million inhabitants.

When analyzing the number of deaths per million inhabitants due to Covid-19, Venezuela among Latin American countries is in second place in the region with 12 death per million inhabitants only surpassed by Cuba with 8 death per million inhabitants while the USA is among the top ten worst hit countries with 545 death per million inhabitants.



Featured image: Photo courtesy of Prensa Presidencial.

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