Venezuela Resumes Flights to Panama and Dominican Republic

Starting this Monday, January 18, Venezuela’s airlines and travel agencies will resume their operations to Panama and the Dominican Republic from the Simón Bolívar de Maiquetía International Airport, after being authorized by the National Institute of Civil Aeronautics (INAC).

INAC posted a statement stating that “flights between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the sister countries of Panama and Dominican Republic have been opened, and flights with Mexico, Turkey and Bolivia have been ratified, in accordance with the provisions of NOTAM COO61/21 and A0029/21, dated January 18, 2021.”

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Conviasa, Laser, Estelar, Avior and Copa airlines updated their flight itineraries and programs with tickets for Panama and Dominican Republic flights, after they were suspended by INAC a few weeks ago due to a high volume of infected passengers. They also defined the new biosafety protocols and the costs for the commercial use of these flight routes.

INAC announced, in another statement, that during this week of radical quarantine domestic flights to and from Maiquetía-Los Roques, Caracas-Los Roques, Porlamar-Maiquetía, Porlamar-Valencia and Porlamar-Maracaibo are suspended. In compliance with the 7+7 reopening scheme for COVID-19, flights will resume next week if COVID-19 statistics remain stable. However, the commercial routes to and from Maiquetía-Canaima and Caracas-Canaima Airport will remain open.


Featured image: Simon Bolivar Airport serving Caracas. File photo.

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