Venezuela to Mass Produce and Distribute Antiviral Carvativir for COVID-19 Treatment

On Sunday Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced that in a few days Venezuela will begin mass production of the antiviral Carvativir for distribution in public and private health centers, including the Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI). This follows a nine-month study of its effectiveness in the treatment of COVID-19 patients under the supervision of the Venezuelan Ministry of Science and Technology. Its active ingredient is isothymol (5 milligrams per milliliter), a colorless crystalline substance that comes from essential oils of plants such as thyme or oregano .

“Venezuela has advanced a lot in the creation of medicines, we already have Carvativir, also called the miraculous José Gregorio Hernández droplets, a powerful antiviral made in Venezuela that we will begin mass producing this week,” announced the head of state.

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“We did numerous experiments with patients who were in the Poliedro de Caracas and the Hospital de Coche. Ten drops under the tongue, every four hours. This antiviral has been used as part of the treatment in Venezuela to patients affected with COVID-19, with good results. Carvativir is a powerful antiviral, it passed all the studies, and has shown 100 percent effectiveness against the virus. Carvativir is from Venezuela, for the ALBA-TCP and the world. Here we think of humanity,” Maduro said, taking a position counter to the “only for profit” approach of multinational pharmaceutical corporations.

Maduro assured that Carvativir has no side effects.

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He denounced that countries of the South have great difficulty in acquiring vaccines against the coronavirus. Therefore, at ALBA-TCP, a fund of $2 million will be created for COVID-19 vaccines.

“ALBA-TCP has taken a gigantic step to guarantee treatments and COVID-19 vaccines for our peoples,” announced President Maduro, “and for this reason it’s been decided to create a fund of $2 million for COVID-19 vaccines for all countries that belong to ALBA-TCP.”

He also announced that starting this week the mass production of the drug Carvativir begins, for distribution to all health centers in the country. “Today the national and international patent was registered. This medicine neutralized the coronavirus in 100 percent of cases,” he stressed.

Maduro indicated that this week he will meet “with the country’s health leaders to establish a system of direct distribution, by the thousands, to health centers. It [Carvativir] will be incorporated into the kit of medicines against the coronavirus that we’re using.”


Featured image: Venezuelan antiviral Carvativir fights against COVID-19. Photo courtesy of the Venezuelan Ministry of Science and Technology.

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