Vuelta a la Patria Program Returned 22,506 Venezuelans to their Country

This Monday 216 Venezuelans arrive from Chile. Brazil is the country from which the most nationals have been returned, with 7,285.

This Monday, December 28, in another day of the Vuelta a la Patria program, 216 Venezuelan nationals arrived in the country from Chile, through a humanitarian flight authorized by the Venezuelan Consortium of Aeronautical Industries and Air Services SA (Conviasa).

According to official figures, with this flight 22,506 Venezuelans returned to the country so far this year, with Brazil (7,285) the country from which the most Venezuelans have returned via the Vuelta a la Patria program.

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The information was offered by the Foreign Ministry on its Twitter account @CancilleriaVE. The program is paid for by the Venezuelan government, so the travelers don’t have to pay for their tickets.

Most of the travelers have entered the country by air but many, especially from Brazil, have done so by bus.

The Vuelta a la Patria program, created in 2018 by President Nicolás Maduro, establishes an air and land bridge for the voluntary return of migrants who are in a situation of vulnerability or urgency in other countries.

Many Venezuelans have emigrated, most of them to South America, but the majority of them did it under the promise of assistance made by right-wing politicians in Venezuela and in other countries, an assistance that they have barely seen.

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After a few months, many realized that they had been misled with promises of a better life. Many have suffered the pain of xenophobia, often promoted by the same government that promised them better lives, while others realized that the countries they arrived in were suffering economic problems similar to those of Venezuela.

Through the National Health Directorate, all prevention and biosecurity measures are strictly observed in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that compatriots enter the country free of any health problems, and are provided free health care if necessary.



As of 12/28/2020

• Argentina 907
• Brazil 7,285
• Chile 2,054
• Colombia 764
• Cuba 209
• Ecuador 4,093
• Panama 552
• Peru 5,023
• Dominican Republic 535
• Uruguay 143
• Mexico 119
• Martinique 8
• Bonaire 6
• Italy 404
• Spain 329
• Belarus 37
• Trinidad and Tobago 38
• Total returnees: 22,506.


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