More than 124,900 Passengers Flew With Conviasa in 2020

During 2020 the Venezuelan Consortium of Aeronautical Industries (Conviasa) transported more than 124,900 people on national and international flights, providing a high-quality service and complying with all biosafety measures against COVID-19.

Ramón Velásquez Araguayán, Vice Minister of Air Transport and President of Conviasa, reported this information on his Twitter account: “With great determination we overcame obstacles and managed to bring Venezuelans closer.”

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Conviasa was sanctioned by the US regime in 2019 as part of Washington’s campaign to suffocate the Venezuelan people, imagining that this would lead to the overthrow of the legitimate government of Nicolas Maduro.

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In December Conviasa made five weekly flights available on the Havana-Managua-Havana route, with the aim of guaranteeing a safe connection, complying with all hygiene and health protocols during the flight.

Likewise, it increased the frequency of flights to Mexico and Bolivia to meet the great demand of passengers, and to facilitate the reunion of families during the month of December, VTV reported.

Conviasa also flew to Russia to continue strengthening the connection between Venezuela and the countries of the world. The goal for the year 2021 is to operate two weekly flights to this sister nation.

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