While Fed Up Gringos Tore Down Columbus and Racism Related Statues – In Miami Bolivar Statue is Vandalized

This Saturday a couple of Venezuelans residing in the United States, cleaned the statue of the Liberator Simon Bolivar, which is located in a square in Miami, after it was vandalized by unscrupulous individuals.

This happened at a time when in another gringo city, specifically in Baltimore, protesters tore down the statue of Christopher Columbus.


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In a video broadcast on social networks, a young woman can be seen cleaning the remains of the paint that they threw at the statue. “He wasn’t like that, he doesn’t deserve to have this done to him,” she said.

In recent weeks, there is a trend in the US of groups of protesters demolishing statues of various historical figures who at the time promoted racism and slavery.

No organization has taken responsibility for the irregular incident but in social media you find right wingers blaming the Black Lives Matter movement but also you find leftists blaming the Miami “gusanera” or “escualidos” (ultra right wingers) due to the fact that many of them do not relate to the ideas of independence and sovereignty that Bolivar defended and they actually wish to make Venezuela a US colony.

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The Venezuelan hero Simon Bolivar represents precisely the opposite. Bolivar fought against colonialism and expelled the Spanish army from almost half of South America. He also signed an executive order releasing all the slaves in Venezuela and was supported by Haitian founding father Alexandre Petion.

Featured image: Bolivar statue in Miami. File photo.