21N Regional Elections: CNE Approves National Election Observers and Reiterates Invitation for Sunday’s Mock Election

On Wednesday, October 7, the vice president of the National Electoral Council (CNE) and president of COPAFI, Enrique Márquez, announced that six non-governmental organizations were approved as national electoral observers for the 21N regional elections scheduled for November 21.

Additionally, Márquez indicated that the selected organizations have already been invited to sign the needed documents. The top electoral official explained, “We have already begun the necessary steps to accredit them and incorporate them into all the technical aspects that are developed so that they can attest to the transparency of the process and work in conjunction with international electoral observation.”

Approval from the highest electoral body is given after these organizations made requests to participate as electoral observers. It is important to note that these civil groups have already accompanied other electoral processes in the country. Once the elections are finished, they will present reports with findings and recommendations.

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Which organizations are approved?
The civil associations selected the following as local observers:

• Social project.
• Electoral Observation Network of the Civil Association Assembly of Education.
• Venezuelan Association of Jurists.
• International Center for Higher Studies.
• Foundation for a Worthy People.
• Venezuelan Electoral Observatory.

Likewise, Márquez indicated that “the selection of these applications for national electoral observation is part of a routine practice that is established in the regulations of the Organic Law of Electoral Processes. This regulation establishes the conditions of supervision or observation.”

CNE invites citizens to participate in the mock election this Sunday
Similarly, the president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Pedro Calzadilla, reiterated an invitation for Venezuelans to participate in the mock election that will take place this Sunday, October 10, throughout the country as part of the framework to prepare for the day of the 21N regional elections.

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Calzadilla explained, “We are going to hold an event that has become a symbol of the prelude to the elections. The mock elections is truly a stellar moment.” He highlighted that the day of the mock election allows for testing of the different phases of the operation, the system, the speed of voting, and the transmission of data, all the components and phases of the electoral process.

In the same way, Calzadilla stated that it is very useful for citizens to familiarize themselves with the process, the components, and the ballot as well as allow political parties to put their work teams to the test.

He placed special emphasis on the fact that the CNE will guarantee compliance with biosafety standards, such as disinfection of the voting centers before and after the drill, the distance between voters, the use of a mask, and sanitizers that will be provided by the electoral body.


Featured image: Fingerprint scan, necessary to validate the voter to exercise their right and guarantee the one voter, one vote principle. File photo from RedRadioVE.

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